Renegade Review
Volume III | November 2017
2017 Student Leadership Summit
Jeff Terry, Principal
On October 19th, 2017, we held a Leadership Summit to help build student leadership capabilities within Bristol School. Jim and Laura Jelinske of Creative Education Services worked with a select group students from fifth to eighth grade and spent two hours defining leadership and learning what it takes to fulfill that role. Jim has been a long time friend of Bristol School and acts as an amazing role model for our students, so we are very excited to have him on board with this initiative!

The expectation of these Bristol leaders is to take what was learned with Jim and Laura and put it to good use helping to make Bristol School a better place for all. Currently, these students are in the process of brainstorming ideas that can be used to make Bristol School District the best it can be.

I'm looking forward to working with this group of students and I can't wait to see what ideas they produce to demonstrate what they learned about being a leader.
Sarah Lindh
AP: Teaching & Learning
Student Technology Ambassador
Lori Baird
Information Technology Coordinator
As our students are busy growing, learning and succeeding, our educators have also been busy doing the same. Each week our educators participate in ​Professional Learning Wednesdays. Over the last six weeks, teachers have joined their colleagues in a professional book study to become our local experts on a variety of topics. ​After reading and discussing their book of choice, presentations were put together to share their knowledge.  We look forward to continuing to grow, learn, and succeed together.
Building off last year’s program, fourth grade students in Mrs. Kerkman’s class will again act as Student Technology Ambassadors. These students will have the opportunity to learn specific skills including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, general troubleshooting, and effective searching. These students will also serve as an avenue of technology support in the classroom, sharing their learned skills with students a nd teachers.

No special technology skills are necessary to become an ambassador, just a desire to listen and learn and the willingness to work productively with others, following the Renegade Way. Throughout the year, I will work with different classes and grade levels to help students become Future Ready.
Policy Governance Journey
Michael Juech, District Administrator
Over the last few months, the Board of Education has been developing and reviewing their governance structure. Through our work, we have been able and will continue to work at a high level of governing. Through a policy governance model, there are boundaries and accountabilities outlined for the board and superintendent. 

A breakdown of policy governance:

-The board works as a whole, providing a clear and concise direction to the superintendent.

-The board charges the superintendent to focus every staff member and all resources toward a single goal around student achievement.

- The superintendent is responsible for the implementations of programs, projects and practices that will best support a high quality education.

There are number of components to a policy governance model including ends policies, means, executive limitations, board/superintendent relations, process, indicators, community linkages and monitoring reports. Currently the board is developing ends policies to identify goals of the district and defining the desired outcomes. The board is also working to schedule community linkages to help in the development of the ends policies.

The policy governance work has allowed the board to focus on the vision for the district. I am proud to be a part of the process with the board as they continue to grow, learn and outline the measures of success for the district.
President, Kathy LeFebve | Vice President, Andrew Boncher | Treasurer, Melissa Heriford
Clerk, Melody Ferruzzi | Deputy Clerk/Treasurer, Kim Rickert