Renew Weekend - this weekend
at The Hills Church
To our volunteers, donors, prayer partners and friends
RENEW weekend is May 18th and 19th this year at the Hills Church . On RENEW weekend , all contributions collected during the weekend are distributed amongst the many non-profit organizations connected to The Hills Church. Our Father’s Children originated at The Hills Church and is one of the original organizations that has benefited from RENEW over the years. RENEW is our single largest fund raising effort for the year and comprises a major part of our operating budget.

On RENEW weekend you will have the opportunity to designate some or all of your contribution to Our Father’s Children. Undesignated funds will go into a pool to be distributed to the non-profit organizations with the greatest needs as prayerfully considered by The Hills’ Elders.

We are very grateful that many of you have chosen to designate a large portion of your contribution in the past to Our Father’s Children. We have used these funds to purchase Camp Akiva, our very own Christian camp. We are continuing to pay for and build out Camp Akiva so that we can serve as many children as possible who have suffered from the affects of abuse and neglect. We use RENEW funds to now operate three summer camps, four weekend retreats and a continuing mentoring program for the children we serve. We now serve more than 600 children each year.

I am writing you today to ask you to prayerfully consider designating your donation to Our Father’s Children rather than leaving those funds in the undesignated pool if you are a member of The Hills Church. Your contribution will be an enormous help to Our Father’s Children and will allow us to continue the great programs for the abused, neglected, and abandoned children we love and serve. The board and staff of Our Father’s Children works hard to ensure that all funding we receive is put to its maximum use, and we are very diligent in our budgeting, planning and spending. 

On behalf of the children, thank you for your prayers, service and contributions to Our Father’s Children. Please pray that God will continue to bless our ministry to the marginalized children of North Texas.
To Him be the glory,
Don Hall
Chairperson, Board of Directors