Lisa Goldstein
Rabbi Lisa Goldstein
A number of years ago, I approached the High Holy Days with a great sense of inadequacy. I was keenly aware of all the ways in which I missed the mark, that I fell short of my own expectations and that I was unable to keep to my intention. It was a sobering and unpleasant realization.
As I was working with this sense of inadequacy, I was looking forward to the part of the Rosh Hashanah service that includes a full prostration. Not every synagogue does this, but traditionally, during the  Malkhut section of the shofar service, we recite the  Aleinu. As we say the words "We bend the knee and bow before You," some communities engage in a full bowing, sinking to our knees and lowering our heads to the floor, in a deep motion of submission to the King of Kings (or, if you prefer, all that we cannot control in our fragile lives.)
I was anticipating this embodied experience to be one of humility, of publically acknowledging my imperfection on this holy day. But instead something surprising happened.

Points of Good
by Rabbi Toba Spitzer

Guided Meditation
by Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell

Reflection on Today
by Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser

Kavvanah on Leading High Holy Day Services
by Rabbi Daniel Stern

The Practice of Teshuvah
by Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg

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Points of Good

Rabbi Toba Spitzer
Rebbe Nachman of Bratslav (Likkutei MoHaRa'N 282), translated by Rabbi Toba Spitzer, based on a previous translation by Rabbi Arthur Green
Know that you need to judge each person on the side of merit. Even one who is completely bad, you need to seek out and to find within that person some small bit of good, that bit where she is not bad. 

Let Go: A Yom Kippur Meditation
Jordan Bendat-Appell
Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell
All throughout this season we have been working hard to grow, rectify and improve. Then we get to Yom Kippur and a different way is offered:  
just  let go.  Click here for a teaching and short guided practice in this spirit. 

Reflections on Today
Jeff Goldwasser
Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser

I am standing beside a tree
Scorched by last year's fire
With fresh green branches growing
From the crooks of black branches.

Rabbi David Stern
I am Nachshon's swim instructor
And I am not happy.
We had trained so hard -
Breast stroke, crawl, butterfly
Ready to lead the swim to freedom.
The Practice of Teshuvah: 
Preparing for the High Holy Days

Sheila Weinberg
Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg
In this  Reshet : Jewish Meditation Group Network webinar, Rabbi Shelia Peltz Weinberg explores the inner dynamics of  teshuvah  - returning/turning - from the perspective of mindfulness practice. She offers a teaching on  teshuvah  through mindfulness, as well as a guided meditation.
VLM Webinar #5 Sheila Weinberg