Izzy Barish, Client of the Month
"Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness."  
-Joseph H. Pilates
Labor Day 2017, here we come.  The fall is a great time to renew your goals and refresh your schedule.  Check our September special below and a few events that we will be a part of.  Also take a look at our schedule of classes and the MELT Introductory Workshops.  Sharon Michels continues to offer massage in our Jenkintown studio by appointment.  Remember we also have Romana's Pilates apprentices that you can schedule with to have that extra Pilates session. 

We pause to remember our mentor, Romana Kryzanowska , on the anniversary of her passing 8/30/2013.  Her spirit still guides us as we share Pilates with you.  

Izzy Barish
Client of the Month
Izzy Barish
has been studying Pilates with June Hines since 1998. Izzy has moved all his life practicing yoga, martial arts, biking, Indian clubs, kettle bells, and on and on. Here is what Izzy had to say about Pilates. 

What brought you to Pilates?

My wife, Susie, brought me to Pilates. She said, "You must try this.  I think you would like it.  It's more difficult than it looks."  So I tried it, thinking that I was in great shape and it would be no problem.  Boy was I surprised at the difficulty of what I was being asked to do. I could not control the muscles necessary to move how I was being asked to. The control that's needed to move properly takes a lot of mental work. Coming from a Martial Arts background with the "Mind/Body" being one concept, I found it was a perfect fit. It didn't take long for me to get hooked.

How has Pilates helped you?
(L-R): June Hudson, Greg, Matthew, and Izzy

Pilates helped me to learn about my body and it's many imbalances. Pilates realigns me so that I move better in daily life with less aches and pains due to the proper posture learned and the proper way to move with control and balance. With more freedom of movement, I can do more and enjoy what I do more.
Plus, I actually play with the Grandchildren and not just sit and watch.
I do a lot (I mean really a lot) of other kinds of physical strenuous exercises and Pilates keeps me safe by strengthening my weakness and bringing more balance to my body. I used to get injuries due to imbalances, misalignments, and improper movement. With Pilates, I am somewhat injury free except for my own prat falls.
I get a great sense of wellbeing from doing Pilates. Seeing the improvements over time is really satisfying and I just feel really good from doing Pilates. It satisfies my need to be challenged and improve with its progressive nature.
It's taught me that with patient perseverance and persistence you can improve your movement and imbalances in your body. The same lesson can also be extrapolated to anything in life.
I could go on forever...
What can I say. "I LOVE PILATES"
Pilates & You
June Hudson at Jenkintown Arts Festival
June Hudson making a beautiful tabletop on the Wunda Chair at the Jenkintown Arts Festival 2016

June Hines Pilates will be participating in 2 events in September and 1 in October.  

First on Thursday Sept. 14th from 3-8:30pm we will be a part of "A Natural Cause" Health & Wellness Forum for your Mind, Body, & Soul.  This will happen at the Silverman Gallery in Buckingham Green, 4920 York Rd., Holicong, PA.  June Hines Pilates will have a table and anyone who drops by our table can sign up for a chance to win free lessons and giveaways.  Come and bring a friend.  We are also offering a lecture/demo from 7-7:30pm at the Silverman Gallery.

Our next event will be at "The Jenkintown Arts Festival" on Sunday Sept. 17th from 1-6p.m. in Jenkintown.   Come by our table and sign up again for a chance to win free Pilates lessons.  We will be demonstrating through the afternoon and also have giveaways.

On Sunday October 22nd from 9-2pm, JHP will be sponsoring a table at the "Run for Research" event held in the Warminster Community Park, 350 E. Bristol Rd., Warminster, PA.  This event is in it's 3rd year and 100% of the proceeds benefits Multiple Sclerosis Research.  Join us there and again sign up for a chance to win Pilates lessons.


Tower units in Jenkintown
New Tower Units in our Jenkintown Studio.
We are excited to announce the addition of new Gratz tower units in our Jenkintown studio.  The tower units are very much like a cadillac which everyone loves.  Our apparatus classes have been enhanced giving us the option to offer leg springs, arm springs and a variety of exercises that Joseph Pilates created.  The stretching and elongated strengthening work makes the tower units a favorite.  See our schedule below and sign up to experience a class and enjoy!
Integrative Massage Method with Sharon Michels
Enjoy your introductory massage with Sharon Michels for $50 and each subsequent massage for $85.  And, after your first massage don't forget to take advantage of Sharon's "Refer a Friend" program - ask Sharon for more details. 
Visit her website here.
Jenkintown Studio
Mat Classes:
Basic/Int. Level
Monday/Wednesday 12-1pm Thursday 7-8pm
Intermediate Level
        Monday 6-7pm          
       Tuesday/Friday 12-1pm          
      Wednesday 7-8pm       

Apparatus Classes:
Basic/Int. Level
                  Monday 5-6pm                        
Wednesday 10-11am*
Thursday 4-5pm*   
Friday 8-9am (starting Oct. 20th)*
Intermediate Level
  Tuesday 2-3pm  
               Wednesday 1-2pm                 Friday 9-10am
Advanced Level
Monday 1-2* &  2-3*pm

MELT Introductory Workshop
Sun. Sept. 10th 2:00-3:30pm*
Follow Up Classes:  
Monday Sept. 11th-Oct. 2nd 7-8pm*
*Designates NEW Classes  

Doylestown Studio
Mat Classes:
Basic/Int. Level
Wednesday 12-1pm*
Intermediate Level
Monday/Wednesday 6-7pm  Tuesday 12-1pm

Apparatus Classes:
Basic/Int. Level
    Monday 12-1pm/Friday 9-10am*                  Saturday 11-12pm
Intermediate Level
Mon/Thurs 5-6pm
Saturday 10-11am

MELT Introductory Workshop
Tues. Sept. 19th 12-1:30pm*
Sat. Oct. 7th 1-2:30pm*

See below in the next block of our newsletter how you can begin scheduling your classes online.

All Studios will be closed on Monday Sept. 4th for Labor Day!

Online Scheduling 
We'd like to remind you that you can now schedule your lessons and classes online.  We are happy to help you with your scheduling, but wanted to give the opportunity to control your scheduling of lessons and classes.  With this option you will go to our website junehinespilates.com and navigate to Schedule - Rates and then to Attend A Class.  If you have been to our studio before, you will already have an account within our system.  You will be prompted to register to create a user name and password to access your account.  

With this option you can schedule or cancel within a 24 hour window. You can pay for your classes online as well.  If you try this and are not successful, let us know and we will help you through the process.
September Special
5 1/2 hour Private Lessons for $150 

Email or call us to schedule your lessons and take advantage of this special offer!  (This offer can be purchased as a gift or for a friend or family member)
purchase by 9/15/2017 and use by 10/15/2017