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The Manitoba Chapter is looking for new board members. Whether you want to be a Director at Large or hold a specific portfolio, we can use your help!

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February 2016

How did your year start?

I will first say how great it is to be employed, but wow, did this year start off with a zany amount of work. Despite the business, New Year's seem to bring thoughts of renewal no matter what else is happening. 

National is thinking about renewal as well, not just memberships (though they are offering incentives for early renewal, see the National Report below). National is planning for membership and chapter renewal though a new marketing plan focused on recruitment and retention. More to follow!

Our Spotlight  today focuses on why people get into debt and how they behave when they pay it off (hint - not always rationally). In News from the Profession...well let's just say that it is not often we get so "judgey" about something. We present an article that might help solidify the fact that credit managers in Canada have a long and employable future.

Our Chapter is hosting a seminar "How to Spot a Customer in Trouble"... sign up today!

Lastly I ask you to consider joining our board. We have a small group of dedicated volunteers and we need your help and your input. Please consider giving your valuable time this coming year.

Our AGM is May 10th at the Caboto Centre. Please mark your calendars!
The Psychologist is In!
"These guys are nuts!" How often have you sad that about a customer who refuses to pay? Well, likely they are not crazy, but there is a  surprising amount of psychology around debt, the accumulation of debt, and how to set things up in advance to facilitate collection.

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Our next seminar "How to Spot Customers in Trouble" will be held on Monday, March 21, 2016 at the Holiday Inn Winnipeg South from 9am-3pm.

Guest speaker Mike Morely, CPA is known as an entertaining and informative speaker and we are looking forward to his comments!

If you have any suggestions for other seminar speakers or topics, please let us know!
National offers webinars from time to time, and you can always check their  webinar schedule  for current and archived webinars.

Your Seminar Chair is Debbie Baines, CCP

Staff turnover at the National Office has delayed more recent membership reports, but the report for the period ended September 2015 is linked below. Overall the Manitoba Chapter has 91 members at the end of September (compared to 99 last year).

The change is really a reduction of students. National has reviewed the database and removed students who were not active. Overall we are up 7 paying members and down 14 unpaid members (13 students and 1 honourary member).

Please click  here to see the report.

Your Membership Chair is Kim Misko, CCP

We are always looking for great ideas for getting together with Chapter members. If you have a thought why not share it? Drop me an email by clicking on my name!

Your Social Chair is Karla Cullen, CCP

Membership renewal is coming and and National is offering incentives for early renewal. 

* The next live webinar and 2 archived webinars free
* A chance to win one of 10 Nick Kenyeres' e-book "Mind-Set Adjustments: Make Success with Technology your new Normal"
* A chance to win one of ten annual memberships to Costco
* A chance to win one of ten digital subscriptions from iTunes Store (Magazines & Newspapers) or Rogers Magazine Services

The two new courses, Fundamentals in Business (FB1) and Managing Credit with Information Technology I (CR3-I) are in their second and first semester respectively. They are both progressing fairly well with some growing pains (.it usually takes three to four semesters to iron out glitches and make adjustments).

The National Board has identified successful strategies that have started to make a difference and is putting together a national marketing strategy for all Chapters. Stand by!

Your National Chair is Barb Harris, CCP

Our financial health continues to perform as expected. In the last couple of months we have received $1,400 in sponsorship dollars (Gold Sponsors, National Leasing and D&B and Grad Sponsors Equifax and TransUnion - thank you!).

As you know we hold approximately $30,000 in investments (GICs), and two renewed this past November. Our investments are structured such that $10,000 matures every year to allow us predictable cash availability if needed.

You can always see our past audited financial statements on our website under Board and Governance.

Your Treasurer is Peter Smith, CA, CCP


Let's just say it: as Credit Managers, we are likely a little more conservative with money, and perhaps more respectful of debt.
Which is when I saw this article on the CIC's newslinks page I thought it might be an article on how it is time to pay down some household debt. Nope! This article is for the entrepreneurial, debt-loving type that wants it all! 

Well, OK, it is not that bad and some advice to consolidate high-cost debt to low cost debt is quite sensible. That suggestion to buy that boat or luxury car you've always wanted - perhaps less sensible.

Needless to say, this newsletter does not endorse reckless accumulation of debt (even at low interest rates) and suggests meeting with a financial planner before making the big decisions. And read the piece on the psychology of debt above! 

Also check out the Parliamentary Budget Officer's comments about Canadian household debts.

OK, that is enough is the article!

Do you have an opinion or observation you want to share? Email us at!

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to give back to your profession and your community? There are volunteer opportunities in the Manitoba Chapter!

Reporting to the board, the Treasurer is responsible for recording all transactions; preparing monthly and quarterly reports, and annual financial statements for the Chapter. 

The Treasurer must be comfortable with bookkeeping, organized and proficient in MS Excel.

The Communications Chair is responsible for drafting routine correspondence for the board and President; responding to member queries; and preparing job opportunity emails and contributing to/preparing the bi-monthly newsletter.

Directors are board members without portfolio, and comprise the majority of the board. They work within the board to help ensure the success of board plans and activities.

See the terms of reference of these and other positions HERE

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