Dear Friends and Colleagues,

World events are calling us to be flexible like Hermes, who moves deftly and cleverly amidst turbulent forces! As a result, Renewal 2020 is moving online! We are excited to announce a new sequence of courses we are calling:

Renewal Online 2020:
Serving in the Interval

In music, each individual tone connects with the last and the next as it guides the music forward. The intervals between musical tones are where the musical journey truly takes place. What might we encounter together in the interval between Renewal as we have known it for the past 21 years and the future potential of our summer work together? How might we create together a harmonious meeting of hearts and minds that bridges the miles between us in these days of social distancing?

We are preparing a carefully thought-out framework that will include cherished elements of Renewal from past years, as we build a bridge toward an imagined future we are creating together.

Tuition for an online course will be reduced to $395.

If you have previously registered or placed a deposit: As promised earlier, you will now have a choice of either requesting a full refund or a transfer into one of our online courses. Depending on the fees you have already paid, you will either receive a refund of anything above $395, or in case you have paid only the 10% deposit, you would be invoiced for the balance. To sustain our Renewal Courses through these turbulent times, you will also have the opportunity to donate all or a portion of your refund to the Future Renewal Courses Scholarship Fund. More information is available on our website here .

In the meantime, we need your support to spread the word, so that our meeting this year and in years to come will remain as enriching and meaningful as ever.

With gratitude and best wishes for your protection,

Karine Munk Finser
CfA Director of Renewal Courses and Renewal Online 2020

We are offering the following Renewal Online 2020 Courses.
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Week 1: Sunday 28 June - Friday 3 July
Week 1 Extra Details

Support Faculty
in the Arts & Sciences

Meg Chittenden-- Singing

Leonore Russell-- Eurythmy

Roberto Trostli-- Physics

Guest Lecturer: Christof Wiechert

Christof Wiechert will offer the keynote and closing addresses live from Holland and 1 pre-recorded lecture in Week 1.
Week 2: Sunday 5 July - Friday 10 July
Week 2 Extra Details
Opening Keynote Address and Mid-Week Lecture:
Michaela Gloeckler
 Support Faculty: Leonore Russell
Meg Chittenden
Karine Munk Finser
Torin Finser
Douglas Gerwin
Milan Daler
Closing & Goodbye to Renewal Online 2020:
Karine Munk Finser
and Douglas Gerwin