January 2022
Vallie, Zak match experience with heart
JPB's Israeli affiliate, JPB Leadership Development, is pleased to welcome Vallie Rourke Miller and Zak Adileh to the team. As the Jerusalem Regional Co-Directors, Vallie and Zak will oversee the program's direction, content, and administration - bringing experience, heart, and passion to the organization and its growing programs...
West Bank project empowers key group
A year ago, JPB recognized a huge gap in Middle East peacebuilding. We learned that while multiple programs serve youth, established professionals and the elderly – few exist for university-educated Palestinian women, ages 24 – 36. Working together with two top Palestinian consultants...
JPB Educator leads youth through powerful program
As part of the Israeli Ministry of Education Diplomacy Major for high school students, each year, a series of Summit Days are held at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv during the World Press Photo Exhibition. Since 2017, JPB and JPBLD Senior Educator, Sarah Benazera, have been supporting and leading Summit Days...
In-person courses & events offer hope
The fall progressed well in Houston, with JPB Program Director, The Rev. Deacon Jack Karn, advancing key relationships with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities and schools. Full in-school leadership courses were offered at St. Cecilia Catholic School and ILM Academy, while the Interfaith Youth Houston (IYH) program met virtually and in-person for two dynamic interfaith events...
JPB teens, staff, and educators invited you to help us sing our song, and you responded with a robust chorus! Your generosity exceeded $135,000 that will make possible our work with Israeli high school educators, Israeli, Palestinian and American teens, and Palestinian women. Thank you – you are changing lives and fueling peace.
Joe & Gail Adams
Sarah Ago
Jere Ahrens
Rebecca Anderson
Imam Bilal Ansari
Mark Anschutz
Eugenia Ardrey
Susan Baker
Michael Barry
Christopher Beeley
Christy Bergner
Joey Bergner
Gordon Bernhardt
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Arthur Bingham
John Boatwright
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Austin Brockenbrough Family
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The Rev. Peter Casparian
Zulette Catir
Mary Chilton Callaway
Jeanette Ciciora
Perrin Clark
Anthony Coe
Joseph Coyle
Dan Cromack
David Crosby
Mark Croughan
Linda Curtiss
The Rev. Deacon Bill & Kathy Cusano
Eleanor Degroot
Elsa Deland
Gabrielle Dennison
The Rev. Deacon Mary Lenn Dixon
William Duncan
Helen Eddy
The Rt. Rev. Thomas & Ann Ely
Camille Emig
Lynn Enquist
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Mario Fontana
Joseph & Holly Fortner
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Metta Halla
David Hamilton
The Rev. Deacon Glennda Hardin
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Robert Hawley
Sara Haynes
Martha Hedgpeth
Dennis Hensley
George Hobson
James Holubka
Elsie Hunt
Robert Johnston
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Jonathan Justice
The Rev. Deacon Jack Karn
Johnna Kincaid
Kathleen Koch
Dr. Danna Kurtin
Kurtz Family Foundation
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Robert Lesser
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Kathleen Loomis-Ward
Honey Loring
The Rev. Susan Ackley Lukens
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Cecily Stranahan
Paul & Cheryl Strasser
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Richard Tharpe
The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
The H. Boone and Violet M. Porter Charitable Foundation
Stephen Tomlinson, Esq.
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Carolyn Trieschman
Trinity Episcopal Church
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Rosalyn K. Wood Charitable Trust
JPB would also like to thank all our alumni, board members, and volunteers who helped make our Hanukkah and Christmas carol videos. Enjoy them here!
Archbishop Desmond Tutu of Cape Town
On December 26, 2021, we were greeted by the sad news of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s death. A Christian peacebuilder who believed that all people were equally children of God, he helped lead the successful anti-apartheid movement in South Africa...
New Volunteer, old friend
JPB Alum and former Staff, Nadia Abu Ata, joins JPBLD in Jerusalem as a Volunteer... Read more
Porter Fellow reaches Jerusalem
After lots of hard work, the next Porter Fellow, Linford Ranck, arrived safely in Jerusalem... Read more
JPB Alum speaks at CT synagogue
Recently, JPB Alum, Abdullah, shared about his life and experience in JPB... Read more
Fr. Nicholas returns to TX in February
Fr. Nicholas returns to Houston during the week of February 13. Along with a JPB pilgrims’ gathering... Read more