Another local job taken by a robot.

Will robot umpires be better at calling balls and strikes than humans?
Let's find out.
Robot umpires have been given a promotion and will be just one step from the major leagues this season.

Major League Baseball is expanding its automated strike zone experiment to Triple-A, the highest level of the minor leagues.

MLB’s website posted a hiring notice seeking seasonal employees to operate the Automated Ball and Strike (ABS) system and Reno is one of the markets that’s being actively recruited for the position.

The Reno Aces are one of 11 Triple-A teams that’s hiring for the position, which is officially listed as ABS Tech on MLB’s website.
Despite millions of years of evolution, modern humans are still only so-so at envisioning imaginary boxes and determining whether anything is inside them or not.

Are robots any better at it? Major League Baseball wants to find out, so they're bringing robot umpires to Greater Nevada Field for the upcoming Reno Aces season.
Reno will be one of 11 Triple-A ballparks to use the system this season.

The Automatic Ball and Strike system will only be tasked to call balls and strikes — not making safe-or-out calls, not ruling on check swings, and not trying to figure out what's a balk and what isn't - all questions best left to philosophers.
The Reno Aces are a Minor League Baseball team of the Triple-A West and the affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. They are located in Reno, Nevada, and play their home games at Greater Nevada Field, which opened in 2009.

Reno Aces 2022 season schedule features a 144-game slate that runs from April 5 through September 21.