Crews are paving the way for a transformation at the old Shoppers Square. What used to be the edge of town six decades ago and a shopping center that served the needs of a much smaller community is now being re-imagined to satisfy a new generation.  

At the corner of Plumb Lane and South Virginia Street, the 150,000-square-foot shopping center is being "de-malled," according to developers, and redeveloped into a contemporary environment to accommodate Reno's growing needs, including retail space, a public market food hall and a specialty organic grocer.

Shoppers Square is now being turned into Reno Public Market, which will serve as a gathering place designed to better serve the needs of Reno’s Midtown and Wells Avenue districts. There will be new architecture and a new focus on food.
“We are really bringing back relevance and emphasizing what we did in the old days,” says Rick Casazza, Partner with Reno Public Market.  

Casazza’s family has owned the land for decades. But as the population spread outward and fewer people were returning to the mall for their basic shopping needs, he says Shoppers Square became “very tired property.” Then came a fresh idea to bring people back. 

”We get to add this exciting component of this food hall which will really set the tone,” says Casazza. “This is our crown jewel. There will be about 12 hot booths and about 20 merchants inside of there. There will be a large bar inside with community seating. ”

There will also be space for a signature restaurant with outdoor seating. Not to mention Fifty Fifty Brewing Company that will anchor one end of the hall. And the new Sprouts Farmers Market will feature fresh produce.  
“We chose this site to really expand access to those good for you healthy foods,” says Kalia Pang, Spokesperson for Sprouts Farmers Market. “We know that a lot of locals are looking forward to the redevelopment and we’re a great company with other retailers.”

There will still be retail shops, including a sporting goods store. The drug store, CVS, will take up less square footage but will be moving to a more prominent location. Old favorites like Port of Subs and Cold Stone Creamery will also be returning. Reno Public Market is also setting the stage for artists and performers. 

“Twenty-three percent of the footprint of this development is arts and culture-based,” says Nettie Oliverio, Arts and Culture Director for Reno Public Market.
There will be a stage in the food hall that will have performances like poetry readings, cooking and art demonstrations, and more. There will also be an LED screen that will stream sports and programming for children. Oliverio says this kind of gathering place is what is needed in the area right now.  

“We have so few places for people tor really gather and discover each other and discover surprises that they didn’t anticipate,” she says. “To walk in for a cup of coffee and discover an artist making a painting on the corner. And so it’s fantastic to see this. It’s like fairy land to me.”

Reno Public Market is opening in phases. The Port of Subs and Cold Stone Creamery are expected to open soon. The CVS will open at its new location in April. Developers expect to add more retail shops and offices later on.

Sprouts Farmers Market is opening its newest Reno store this May. The store will be located inside the Reno Public Market — formerly known as Shoppers Square — on Plumb Lane. The store will open its doors at 7 a.m. May 12. Sprouts credited the positive reception to its first Reno store for its decision to open its latest location.