May Newsletter
Things to think about when you’re planning for home renovations
It may be easy to picture what the room will look like when the work is done, it’s important to give some thought to the process. Who’s actually going to do the work? How much will it cost? And will it impact your home insurance?
May is National Nurses Week!
National Nursing Week is May 7-13 and the theme is #YesThisIsNursing.

Did you know that we offer a Group Insurance Plan for nurses and all staff at the Pembroke Regional Hospital?

The theme, which was created by Alliah Over, RN, MN, of Newmarket, Ontario, was selected by CNA in 2017 and has been carried over for 2018. We picked it from among nearly 300 submissions by nurses, students and other Canadians. Read more below:
Access your policy ONLINE!
This is exciting news for Johnston & Mackie and all it's clients! You are now able to access your policy from anywhere with an internet connection. Click the link below to get started!
Testimonial from our wonderful clients:

" I appreciate how fast this whole process has been with you and the rest of Johnston & Mackie. It's made my transition into the province much easier." - Greg (April 2018)
Meet your Brokers: Kathy Kenney
Although she was born in Pembroke, Kathy was raised in Beachburg and has chosen to make that home. Kathy’s passion is contributing to her community. She is an active volunteer with the annual Beachburg Fair and her church’s Sunday School program. When she talks about work, Kathy says “it’s always nice when you find a company that is aligned with the same personal values that you have, and it’s even nicer when you get to work with that company for as long as I have.”
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