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* Resource of the Week - ODORXIT
* Growing Trend - Legislation that Limits Screening

If you are seriously considering renting to an applicant who has a pit bull, a successful landlord shared the following tips and words of advice this month on the MrLandlord website:

First step is to contact your insurance company and make sure that you will still be covered if the pit bull moves in. (If you need property insurance for a rental property, click here for a free quote).

Check local law and make sure there is no breed-specific laws that do not allow pit bulls in your area.  Be aware that many more dog bites come from shy dogs than from aggressive dogs. It's called fear biting.

You will also want to meet the dog inside the dog's own home. If you allow the dog to move in, every time you go to work on your rental, you will be going into the dog's home. If the dog is squirrelly about strangers inside his own home, you will have a lot of problems with doing repairs.

The dog should be clean, groomed, and not stinky. The dog should approach you in a friendly manner and welcome petting. Be breed-specific about that. Some breeds will ignore you but allow petting. A pit bull should be butt-wiggle friendly and fawn over you.

If the dog hangs back, hides behind the owner, and looks worried, reject the dog. If the dog growls or rumbles, reject the dog. If the dog skitters away when you reach to pet, reject the dog.  If the dog gives you a hard eyed stare, reject the dog. What is called "the stink eye" indicates an aggressive dog, or a dog that is not happy to have you in its territory.

The dog should have decent manners and be under control. I don't really expect obedience training from residents, but the dog should not climb on you or rush the door every time the door is opened. The dog should bark when you knock and then be quiet when told to be quiet.

Ask to see a current rabies vaccination certificate and a spay/ neuter certificate. Do not allow an un-neutered dog or an unspayed female. 

Many other landlords shared words of warning and advice on this subject.  Click now to see the full discussion that had a lot of landlords talking.

Editor's Note: I would also suggest interviewing at least one "neighbor" next to the applicant's current home. And of course, always run a credit check on the applicant.  Click here to obtain your free tenant screening account .

Agree or Disagree?  Share your thoughts. We welcome your feedback or any landlording tip you would like to share. Email .  

If you have rented to a resident with a dog or cat and they left behind a bad odor in the rental, we recommend you use this product to eliminate all pet odors from your property. It's absolutely the best odor eliminator available. Don't let the smell of your rentals affect getting your property rented. If any of your rentals have any of these common odor problems - order ODORXIT today to eliminate all the odors!!

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More and more cities are passing regulations that will limit tenant screening by landlords. Minneapolis City Council is the latest. They just passed an ordinance that will not allow landlords to use credit scores when screening and limitations on criminal history in screening.  If legislation is being proposed in your area that can have a negative impact on landlords, please email, so that we can alert other landlords in your area, especially if there is still time to possibly contact council persons or legislators to oppose the bill. 
Make the most of the assets that God gives you!
Remember to stay positive, professional and in control!
Jeffrey Taylor

P.S.  I was interviewed recently by Forbes. I shared some of the key points of the interview in our last Update. If you missed that issue, click now.

P.P.S. I j ust came back from teaching landlords in Illinois. In the next few weeks I'll be speaking in Louisiana, Wisconsin, New York, Missouri, North Carolina, Kansas, and Florida. I would love to connect with you if you are anywhere near where I will be teaching.  Go here for contact info and more details of where and when I will be speaking . If it seems it's getting harder to rent profitably in your area, the problem is not that there are growing challenges. There will always be more challenges. The real problem is that you are not learning more and more ideas to make a profit despite the challenges. Come and hear ways to "think outside the box" as a rental property owner.
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