Rental and Utility Assistance Available Through New County Grant Program
The County of Santa Barbara is offering Emergency Rental & Utility Assistance through United Way of Santa Barbara County to eligible County residents, that have experienced a loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic and can demonstrate the need for rental support. This Emergency Rent Assistance Program is intended to prevent homelessness by providing rent assistance to residents. 

Upon application approval, applicants may receive up to $6,000 over 3 months toward rental and utility expenses. Applicants can re-apply every 3 months up to maximum of 15 months.

Assistance payments to applicants will be paid directly to landlord and/or utility providers on behalf of the applicant.

There are strict eligibility requirements for this funding opportunity, please review below.  

  • Must provide proof of residency in Santa Barbara County.
  • Must provide copy of lease agreement or landlord confirmation if lease is not available. Documentation must include amount of rent and all individuals on the lease. 
  • Qualifying residents must already reside in permanent housing and have been timely paying monthly rent up to March 1, 2020.
    • This assistance is NOT intended for move-ins, including payment of security deposits, or assistance for residents who wish to move from one unit to another. 
  • For utility payments, applicant must provide documentation of bills. 
  • Households income (households include all individuals on lease agreement, related or not)  must be 80% or below the Area Median Income for Santa Barbara County. See HOUSEHOLD INCOME LIMIT 
    • Program applicants at 50% or below the Area Median Income will be prioritized. 
  • Must demonstrate loss of income related to COVID-19 for the entire household:
    • Documentation of prior 2 months of income
To apply, the income of a household (all individuals on lease agreement, related or unrelated) must be at or below 80% AMI (area median income).
Individuals per household - Income
  • 1 - $66,750
  • 2 - $76,250
  • 3 - $85,800
  • 4 - $95,300
  • 5 - $102,950
  • 6 - $110,550
  • 7 - $118,200
  • 8 - $125,800 
Once your application has been received and reviewed to confirm eligibility, a case manager will contact you to schedule an interview. Make sure to provide a current phone number and email address to avoid delays. 

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