Wednesday, June 10th
with some changes
In Our America ornament
I locked the doors to the shop on March 18th. It seems like yesterday; it seems like years ago. In the 12 weeks since then, so much has happened and yet so much hasn't. Life is a series of contrasts.

In case anyone doesn't know, I stand firmly with Black Lives Matter. If you have questions about that, feel free to ask me any time. If you've known me or followed the shop for very long, you aren't surprised by this.

I'm also firmly on the side of science in my methods of dealing with COVID-19. The shop could have opened sooner than this, but I wasn't at all comfortable with doing that. I'm still uneasy, but as Multnomah County starts to enter Phase I and my patient and giving landlord's time of rent assistance is nearing an end, I'm taking the plunge.

So things are going to be a little different in the shop. I really look forward to seeing people here again, but it's going to be very odd at first. These steps are necessary for your health and mine.

Wednesday thru Sunday, 12-4
Starting June 10th

If you need to visit outside of those hours, we can set up an appointment.
When you come in the door, you'll see a table with hand sanitizer, masks, and a sign with these rules:

  • Masks are required and it's not up for discussion. They are the first, most useful line of defense in keeping us from infecting each other. For your health and mine, wear one. If you need a mask, we have free single-use paper ones. If you want to buy a cloth one, we have locally-made ones for $10 each. If you choose not to wear a mask or cannot wear one for some reason, the online shop is available with free curbside pickup.

  • Please use the hand sanitizer. It's locally made, citrus scented, and nice to your hands. Ingredients are listed on the sign. We have some available for purchase as well.

  • Only three people in the shop at a time (in addition to me). To maintain physical distancing requirements, this is needed. So if you arrive and see there are already three people here, please step outside and wait. No waiting inside, sorry.

  • No public restroom is available. I simply do not have the time to sanitize it after every use. Please plan accordingly.

Again, I'm anxious to see you, but I want to keep all of us healthy so we can continue on.

Thank you for all the continued support.

Shepherd's Wool Crazy is here!
This is a perennial favorite for a lot of you, with good reason. It's soft, 100% Merino wool in two-ply sport weight and a generous 230 yards per skein. Each skein is unique and self-stripes in lovely colors. Pick three to make The Shift cowl, one to make a hat -- there are so many choices! Because it's been a while, we've received two shipments, which means we have 100 beautiful skeins in stock for you! Just $14 each.
Thank you again for all your support!
Hope to see you soon.
Want more information? Just ask – we'll help you make
a wise and informed decision.

428 NW 11th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209

Wednesday - Sunday 12 to 4
Call for an appointment if you need
to shop outside these hours.
Pearl Fiber Arts | 503-227-7746