August 19, 2020 
Dear Fencers Club Members,
Great news to report!

We will soon be returning to more normal operation subject to some capacity restrictions and many safety precautions.

After fencing virtually for over three months, and reopening on a limited basis at the beginning of July for in-person lessons and small group sessions, we are, as of September 1, 2020, taking a major step and will reopen for the 2020-2021 fencing season.

Though this September is nothing like we have experienced before, Fencers Club is committed to creating and offering ample fencing opportunities for our members in a safe and secure environment.

The safety of our community members remains our priority. Please click HERE for our complete safety protocols.

Additionally, in order to have our fencers have productive fencing sessions, we will be adding open bouting sessions not only on weekdays but also on weekends and offering a comprehensive fencing program: 
  • Member Bouting Sessions
    Member Bouting Sessions will resume starting on September 1. The Club will for September be restricted to having no more than 36 fencers in the club at any one time. This is to keep the Club and our members safe. Member Bouting sessions will be for members only and pre-registration be necessary to participate.

    Open bouting schedule and rules are HERE and you can register through our Online Portal.
  • In-Club Classes
    All Fencers Club coaches will resume group classes on September 1. Again, we note that the club will be restricted to having no more than 36 fencers in the club at any one time.

    We encourage students to take lessons on the same day as classes in order to cut down on the number of times you are coming to the Club. The September 2020 group class schedule will be available shortly and will be posted online. As always, please consult with your coach to see what classes are best suited for you.

  • Fencers Club Online
    Fencers Club Online will continue with topic-specific sessions as a valuable complement to in-club training sessions. This is a valuable learning tool even if you decide to stay with virtual learning through September.
With the reopening of the club at a higher capacity and opportunities to fence 7 days per week, if you have put your membership on hold after the club closed in mid-March, your membership will be automatically updated to active status on 9/1/2020.
We are very excited to welcome all of you back to Fencers Club and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Fencers Club

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