Reopening Plans Delayed Again
Since we last updated you on June 20th, the case data for COVID-19 both locally and nationally have trended in a concerning direction. Record high single day case counts have been recorded in SLO County and nationwide. We will continue to delay our reopening at this time. We will assess the situation weekly and update you each week as we continue to prioritize the safety of our members and employees.

Summary of the new local data since last week. Complete data can be viewed at readyslo.org

  • 104 new cases from June 19 to June 26, 2020 in SLO County
  • Active case counts in SLO County
  • June 12: 38
  • June 19: 97
  • June 26: 126
  • As with last week, there are now more active cases in SLO County than at any point during the pandemic.
  • 12 hospitalizations on June 26: Highest number of local hospital cases with most ICU cases (5)
  • Though known person-to-person spread remains the main source of transmission for local cases (48%), there is a growing number of community spread cases (34%).
  • Asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic spread of COVID-19 remains a strong risk with mounting evidence supporting it. Check out this article from the NY Times about this issue.
  • The San Luis Obispo County Health Officer continues to highly recommend against any form of indoor group exercise classes. (emergencyslo.org) Indoor exercise remains a high risk activity (source: Cleveland Clinic)

Update on Outdoor Group Exercise Classes

We are continuing to work on authorized and permitted means to deliver formal outdoor group exercise classes. We have spoken to both the SLO County Parks Dept and the SLO City Parks Dept about access to park space. The answer from both entities was the same. They have suspended all group permits during the emergency order and any formal group of more than 8 persons requires a permit. As of Friday we have opened dialog with Mayor Heidi Harmon about this in order to seek some assistance. The OpenSLO campaign allowing for road closures and outdoor dining is aimed at giving the downtown restaurants a boost due to limited capacity. We are asking that our industry be considered for similar assistance to help mitigate the risks of indoor exercise and offset the limited operating capacity we will have to maintain for the foreseeable future. We hope to have some new information this week.
Many of you have asked about doing outdoor classes in our parking lot at the Marigold Center. Unfortunately, the San Luis Obispo City Noise Ordinance would not allow for this. We have had formal complaints filed against us over the last several years from residents living behind the gym when our cycle studio doors have been open during class. We try to be good neighbors and we also cannot afford any fines at this time.
We will have more updates on this topic soon but until then keep following along on Instagram (@eqclubs) and use our Mindbody Video Library.
We are hopeful that our county will soon see another flattening of the curve. The State Face Covering Mandate should help with this, in addition to people being a little more cautious during the 4th of July weekend compared the Memorial Day Weekend. With very few exceptions, you must wear a mask when inside any public indoor space. Despite the erroneous federal government guidance about face masks in February, we now know through peer reviewed research that face coverings are an effective means to limit the spread of disease when physical distancing is not always possible. Wearing your mask is a sign of compassion, not weakness. It says I am protecting you and you are protecting me.

Stay well, stay active, and wear your mask.

David & Brittany Pomfret

Equilibrium Fitness for Women
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