Welcome Back to the Church!
Reopening Guidelines
Welcome Back to the Church!
Please join us for services that are continuing in the Parish Hall at 10:00 a.m. for the next two weeks, July 25 and August 1. Chris Scheller, our new Director of Community Life and Learning, has been leading the services in a four-week series entitled “Coming Out of Lockdown.” Come for the service, have a glass of lemonade afterward, and meet Chris.
July 25 – Preparing our Minds for Change
When we embrace a beginner’s mind and let go of our fixed points of view, we allow ourselves to open to the New.
August 1 – Re-learning to Flourish
To get back into the flow again, we will consider time-honored wisdom in light of the latest findings on what it means to flourish.
After August 1, UUCGL will be invited to attend the services of other churches until September. Watch for information in the next Summer Monthly Update.
What do you need to know about reopening?
We continue to monitor the metrics of coronavirus and the UUA guidelines, among many others. We are following those current guidelines by rooting our decisions in values of inclusion, following the science, going slow and being flexible, and practicing care and compassion with expectations. Below is our current protocol; we will alert you of protocol changes as they occur.
  • Masks are suggested if you have been vaccinated. This is a change this week because of concerns about the increase of COVID cases and the Delta variant.
  • Masks are required if you have not been vaccinated or if you suspect that you have been exposed.
  • There is no group congregational singing at the moment. When that starts up, masks will be required.
  • The Parish Hall capacity is 40 presently. If more than that attend, the sanctuary will be used. Both rooms have HEPA filters.
  • The offertory basket is available on a table, but will not be passed.
  • Please stay home if you feel at all unwell.
There is a sanitation table in the foyer and in the Parish Hall. Masks and Purell are available on each, as are the guidelines, which Chris reviews at the beginning of each service.
We hope to see you there!
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