Friday, August 28, 2020

Thank you for your patience! We have finalized the reopening Memorandum of Understanding this afternoon. We are attaching the signed copy to this email, but here is a summary of what is included: 
  • Guest teachers. Paid training will be provided as needed on such things as Canvas, Teams, and any other tools necessary to serve as a guest teacher in a remote environment. 
  • All supplemental contracts and overload compensation will be unchanged from the CBA. The activities related to extra-curricular stipends may look different in a remote environment, but will still apply if the activities take place in a modified manner. 
  • Five additional pay as previously communicated for five additional days of work on a supplemental contract. At least three days paid in September with the remainder no later than the October paycheck. See MOU for details on part-time folks. 
General Conditions: 


  • Employees should use District technology for communication with students and families. 
  • Guidelines for privacy should be followed if any recordings are considered by any party during remote learning. Otherwise all guidelines regarding electronic monitoring in the CBA still apply. 
  • A full-time employee has a 7.5 hour workday that includes the following: the equivalent of 25 minutes of what we often call WAC time at the beginning and end of day, 50 minutes of planning time, and a 30 minute duty free lunch. In a remote environment, start and end time may be more flexible than in-person. 
  • The synchronous portion of the student day will be no earlier than 8:30 a.m. with the exception of zero hour classes, and should be no later than 4:30 p.m. regardless of grade level. 
  • If you choose to work on-site you must schedule with your supervisor and follow all indoor health guidelines put in place. There may be restriction on the number of employees allowed in the building to meet those health guidelines and to do our best to ensure that the workplace does not foster a COVID-19 outbreak. 
  • On-site expectations will be extremely limited and high risk employees have the right to accommodations. If expected to be on-site, 24 hour notice will be provided. 
  • For individual meetings with students, use your professional judgment and share any concerns with a supervisor in a timely manner. 
  • A weekly schedule will need to be posted on Fridays, starting September 11 outlining the schedule for the following week. 
  • More to come on Social and Emotional Learning which is so important and is still complicated in its implementation. 
Specific situations 


  • If in-person instruction is expected by any employee, check the MOU for more details. 
  • Knowing that Inclusive Education staff have an unique role in remote instruction, any Inclusive Education case managers may request up to 15 hours of pay for additional responsibilities per quarter, but it must be preapproved by the executive director of Inclusive Education. 
  • Guidelines for scheduling instructional time should align with the MOU for Secondary and Elementary schools. 
  • Elementary specialists and itinerant specialist will be scheduled into the students' instructional day. 
  • OSPI has allowed modification to the evaluation process this year which are contained in this MOU. 


Please note that the decision-making matrix referenced in the MOU will be sent out within the next week before any decisions regarding in-person instruction will be made.

Again, thank you for your patience as we all work to do what is best for students and educators in these interesting times. Rest well this weekend and recharge for next week!