Here is a brief summary of Governor Hogan’s new 10 page corona-virus order that is effective this Friday, May 15th, at 5:00 p.m. The full order can be viewed here.

1. Counties and municipalities can implement greater restrictions on each of the following activities.

2. Parks, sports fields, courts, beaches, dog parks, and playgrounds can be opened by county and municipal governments but the county health officers can impose restrictions such as distancing and masking.

3. Gatherings of larger than 10 people are prohibited at social, community, recreational, leisure, and sports events, including but not limited to parades, festivals, conventions, and fundraisers.

4. Religious facilities (churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.) can open to the general public but must limit those present to one-half of the number of persons for which the facility is rated and adhere to masking and distancing requirements.  

5. Retailers can open but must limit occupancy to one-half of their rated occupancy and enforce masking and distancing requirements.

6. All manufactures can resume operations.

7. Beauty salons and barber shops can reopen at 50% capacity for service by appointment only to provide hair services, face coverings must be worn by staff and customers

8. Effective May 7 th the state already opened golf courses and driving ranges, shooting ranges, marinas, campgrounds, & horse-riding facilities.

9. Senior centers must remain closed.

10. Restaurants and bars remain closed except for service for off-premises consumption.

11. Other businesses that must remain closed include: theaters, fitness centers, bowling alleys, amusement parks, skating rinks, social and fraternal clubs, tanning salons, massage parlors, nail salons.

12. Malls - Interior common areas of malls remain closed except as allowed by local orders.
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RETAIL STORES . Governor Hogan announced that retail stores may reopen at up to 50 percent capacity, with curbside pickup and delivery strongly encouraged, and all public health precautions in place. Examples of businesses that may reopen include clothing and shoe stores, pet groomers, animal adoption shelters, car washes, art galleries, and bookstores.

MANUFACTURING . Governor Hogan announced manufacturing may resume operations in a safe manner which protects the health of employees, with guidelines encouraging multiple shifts and other safety precautions.

CHURCHES AND HOUSES OF WORSHIP . Churches and houses of worship may begin to safely hold religious services, at up to 50 percent capacity, with outdoor services strongly encouraged. Religious leaders are strongly urged to do everything possible to keep their congregants safe, and particularly to protect the elderly and vulnerable within their congregations.

PERSONAL SERVICES . Some personal services, including barber shops and hair salons, may reopen with up to 50 percent capacity, by appointment only and with appropriate health and safety guidelines.

BACK TO BUSINESS .’ Businesses that adopt all safety guidelines are encouraged to take a ‘Back to Business’ pledge. 
Bob Cassilly 
Senator, District 34