We are so excited to announce our reopening Monday, May 18th!

As we carefully progress toward returning to Hype we want to reassure our members that your health and safety are our top priority. We will be implementing and adhering to consistent disinfecting and social distancing measures given to us by the CDC guidelines and our state and local officials.

In order to return to Hype it is mandatory for all staff and clientele to sign a waiver agreeing to abide by the guidelines set in place. (You will receive this waiver by email closer to opening date).

With that being said, we will begin to reopen in two phases.

Phase 1:

Personal Training and Adult Classes will begin on May 18th. We will continue to follow the current Hype Adult class schedule (you can find the current class schedule in the Mindbody app). Tumbleflies and Tryout Prep classes will continue virtually through May (you can find our prep class schedule on the Mindbody app).

We ask that you do your part by following the guidelines listed below:

•When you arrive at Hype please follow the designated path to access entry and a staff member will MEET YOU OUTSIDE to take your temperature. Please WAIT OUTSIDE, do not come inside until your temperature is taken! Anyone with a temperature over 100• will be asked to leave.

•All personal and class members are asked to arrive promptly on time and leave immediately after their session.

•All clients are must ONLY bring necessary items inside Hype. ie) water bottle, keys, phone, etc. Your personal items will go to your designated spot with you. There will be no leaving personal items at the front of Hype!

•No dance bags, purses, cheer bags, extra layers of clothing that you may want to shed after walking into Hype are strictly prohibited.

•All Adult class members will have a designated spot and their appropriate equipment set out prior to the start of class.

•Classes will be limited to a max of 6, meaning the ONLY way to secure your spot is to sign up via the Mindbody app AT LEAST ONE HOUR PRIOR to start of class.

•All Personal clients are asked to continue to confirm their session via our text messaging system.

•Absolutely NO extra bodies will be allowed in Hype; meaning ONLY those taking a private or attending classes are allowed inside Hype.

Phase 2:

Tumbleflies and Tryout prep classes will resume at Hype on June 1st. This will include an updated Summer schedule. Details to follow.

Hype staff members will be required to do the following:

Temperatures will be taken upon arrival daily, masks will be worn at all times, absolutely no “hands on” form correction or spotting of tumbling skills, hands will be washed after each client/class, disinfecting of equipment after each use, deep cleaning of the entire gym twice daily; specifically before and after each work day.

Thank you!

See you very soon!