How will
New Trier High School
Decide its Reopening Plans Re: COVID?

Last week the Centers for Disease Control and the Illliniois Department of Health issued guidance for school reopening. The key word is guidance. Schools are able to make their own decisions based on local conditions.

So what, and how, will New Trier decide issues like whether to allow full attendance and normal schedules - or not? Will they require mask-wearing, or mask-wearing in certain instances, or regular testing? What is their plan if COVID numbers rise, or new variants present, and teachers decide once again to stay home?

Ted Dabrowski, of Open New Trier and also a New Trier Neighbor board member, released a memo addressing the many concerns that parents and residents have about whether New Trier will reopen fully, without a mask requirement and other issues. He notes that:

  • Our area has a very high vaccination rate among at-risk adults.
  • New Trier employees and faculty have very high vaccination rates - almost 90 percent have been immunized.
  • The disease poses very low risk to children and teens.

Read the full memo here.

The science and data support a return to normalcy. Make your voice heard:

The New Trier Board of Education meets today, July 12, at 6:30 pm, Northfield Campus, N C234 Board Multi Purpose Room - details here - where you can address the board directly. You can also email your thoughts to the Superintendant and board:

Superintendent Paul Sally –
Cathleen Albrecht –
Keith Dronen –
Jean Hahn –
Kimberly Alcantara –
Sally Tomlinson –

Local K-8 schools are also making decisions -- be sure to check your New Trier feeder school district calendar for board meeings and updates for your K-8 schools!