Interim Superintendent's Message
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Dear Sequoia Union High School District Families and Community: 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have navigated through our recent transition in leadership. COVID-19’s impact on our schools has disrupted what we know as the education experience and raises questions about what the education experience will look like while COVID-19 is with us. 

In our last communication, we shared the decision to remain in distance learning through the end of 2020. (Click here to read)

This difficult decision is based on a series of factors. Most importantly in September, San Mateo County was categorized in the State’s Purple Tier, meaning that the COVID-19 infection rates were deemed “widespread” throughout the County. This prevented us from reopening our schools. Because of this and other weighing factors, such as student and staff safety, ventilation system upgrades, testing, and contact tracing, distance learning remained in effect.  

As we continue to move forward, it is critical to remember the implications and effects of COVID-19 in how it impacts instructional and educational programming. With so much discussion regarding what other school districts are attempting to do, it is important for us to remember that every district is different. As a high school district, I can share with you that our neighboring high school districts are facing many of our same challenges. 

To put it into perspective, under the new COVID-19 guidelines, a classroom that would normally hold 30 students can now only hold an average of 6-12 students. Unlike elementary school districts, this challenge is further exacerbated by the complexity of rotating course schedules in high school. In collaboration with our site administration teams and our labor groups, we are working to determine how and when students can safely return to campus without losing the quality of instruction. Academic and social emotional support will continue to be provided.  

A three-week pilot program of student support cohorts will launch next week. These cohorts are intended to create a critical support system for students who are in need of assistance outside of the virtual setting.

Every three weeks we will evaluate, and determine necessary modifications to layer in additional support based on the availability of staff, and other health factors known at that time.

As required by the state, we are submitting a plan that will specify our health guidelines and protocols based upon the following factors and considerations: 

  • Maintaining a quality and rigorous instructional program for all students
  • Capacity of classrooms compared to number of students
  • Number of students on campus compared to teacher availability 
  • Effectiveness of simultaneous instruction for in-person and virtual instruction
  • Labor agreements
  • Cohorts entrances, egress, and movement within the schools
  • Health screenings and testing for students and staff 
  • Contract tracing
  • Physical distancing 
  • Staff and family education on enforcement of the plan
  • Triggers for transition back into distance learning 
  • Communications plan

I am listening to the concerns expressed by our staff and families regarding school reopening and distance learning. I know this is a difficult time and we have a hunger for normalcy. We are creating our new normal, and continuing to deliver the high level of teaching and learning you have come to expect from Sequoia Union High School District. 

I thank you for your patience and support.


Crystal Leach
Interim Superintendent
Board Meeting Highlights
SUHSD's Board of Trustees invites you to learn more about community interest topics:

  • Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan 20-21 
  • Unaudited Actuals Financial Report 19-20
  • School Site Plans 20-21
  • Ethnic Studies Course Proposal

Click here to read board highlights.

View the full district calendar here.
Student Support Cohorts Launching
On October 19th, the Sequoia Union High School District will begin the actualization of our Learning Support Hubs. Recognizing the need to support our students and families during this pandemic, the District, in collaboration with the Sequoia District Teachers Association, has been working diligently to create on-campus learning hubs to support our virtual classrooms.

For some of our students, the barriers to distance learning are not limited to accessing reliable internet, it extends to having a quiet place to connect and participate in virtual classes. Although no direct instruction will occur within the cohorts, the Learning Hubs ensure that students receive the necessary adult support to complete their assignments. 

Cohorts will be comprised of up to 12 students and up to four adults for a total of 16 members, and will be aligned with the protocols and requirements of all related state and local health guidelines.

Initially, priority enrollment will be provided to students who are a part of more than one of the following populations:

  • Students failing classes because of lack of access to connectivity and/or a lack of a quiet learning environment;
  • Students failing multiple courses;
  • Seniors failing courses required for graduation.

Students must sign a participation agreement to participate. For more information, please contact your school site administrator.
Parent Wellness - You Matter!
So often parents and caregivers get preoccupied with giving, nurturing, and coordinating all matters related to their families as they juggle work and other responsibilities, but very seldom do they remember to take the time to invest in self-care.

As the glue that holds your family together, it is important to create time to recharge and check-in with your social-emotional well-being because you are essential too!

According to ParentLine, looking after yourself doesn’t need to take up a lot of time or involve big changes, you can start by taking these small steps:
Get Connected!
In the spirit of facilitating wellness outlets for parents, the Sequoia Union High School District has a long-standing partnership with the Parent Education Series to provide education to parents on critical issues. From mental health, substance use, and strengthening family relationships, this partnership is intended to support you.

If you haven’t already, make sure to get connected.

Parent Education Series

The Parent Education Series provides professional, high-quality education to parents, students, educators, and community members in the Sequoia Union High School District. Through premier presentations, films, and workshops, families acquire the knowledge, skills, and strategies they need to support student success and well-being. 

To get connected or for more information on events, visit the parent education webpage.

Parent Forum 2020-21 

Join the all-new Parent Forum 2020-21 with Eran Magen, Ph.D., founder of The Center for Supportive Relationships. Parents and caregivers welcome! Free admission. 

This series of (virtual) parent discussion groups will focus on parent-child communication and managing relationships with your child or teen.

Space is limited! Register today to secure your spot in The Parent Forum. 

  • Parent Forum (English): Friday, October 30, 12:00pm
  • Parent Forum(English): Friday, December 11, 12:00pm
Online Safety Training for Parents
The Coalition for Safe Schools and Communities and Rape Trauma Services (RTS) have collaborated to offer important information regarding online safety. With distance learning and a more significant reliance on technical devices to access learning, it is important parents understand the risks and have open, meaningful conversations with their student about being online. The tools created, (and outlined below) are intended to assist parents who have already had these discussions, and to provide a roadmap for those who have not yet begun. Along with the tools, RTS is offering virtual workshops to review the information and answer parent questions. 

The toolkit includes:

Safety Guide - designed to provide parents with information on internet safety and help them address the potential dangers our youth are exposed to through common social media platforms. It covers cyberbullying among other serious concerns.

How to Talk to Your Children About Sex, Sexting and Digital Safety - a step-by-step guide to having open-ended conversations to set boundaries for your child and for intervening when/if a parent discovers concerning material on a device.
Helping Your Child/Teen Safely Navigate the Online World Flyer – an invitation to parents/guardians to a webinar, offered in English and Spanish, facilitated by Violence Prevention Educators in San Mateo County to learn about youth culture and how to maintain open communication with their student(s). 
Distance Learning Plan Webpage
Visit our distance learning webpage and access the latest information on:

  • Fall 2020 Reopening Schools Plan
  • Free Internet Program
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Distance Learning
  • School Site Distance Learning Plans
  • COVID-19 Resources
  • Reopening System for California 
  • SMC Pandemic Recovery Framework
Affordable Homes for Low-Income Households
Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco is pleased to announce a pre-application for 20 condos in Redwood City. The deadline to submit a pre-application is October 23, 2020 by 5:00 pm. 

Requirements to apply: 

  • Applicants must meet our income and credit guidelines, in addition to other requirements, such as being willing and able to perform up to 500 hours of sweat equity (volunteer hours) on the construction site, attending. workshops, and volunteering in other Habitat programs.
  • The selection process includes a review of your finances and credit, employment history, residency, and other qualifications. 
  • If you have applied in the past, you will need to submit a new application for Jefferson Avenue.
  • Applicants must have minimum credit score of 650.
  • Applicants must be willing to complete 500 hours of sweat equity.
  • Applicants must have a history of reliable payments on credit report.
  • Applicants must have a total debt-to-income ratio below 45%.
  • Applicants cannot have owned a home in the past 3 years.
  • Household has lived together consistently for the past 12 months.
  • Applicants must be permanent residents or US citizens.
  • Households with an annual gross income of up to 80% of the area median income (AMI) may qualify. AMI is calculated and updated each year by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

For more information, visit:
Tell Us Your Story
We are always looking for stories to highlight and we know there are many incredible stories that are waiting to be told throughout the District. Whether we promote your stories for press opportunities, social media, and/or newsletters, we invite you to submit your narratives, videos, or pictures.

Click here to share your story today!
District Priorities
Goal #1: Strengthen quality instruction by improving engagement and rigor for all students.

Goal #2: Use an equity lens to bolster student outcomes by addressing institutional and instructional practices which perpetuate inequities in student outcomes.

Goal #3: Ensure all students receive appropriate academic, behavioral and socio-emotional supports by initiating steps to full implementation of Multi-Tiered System of Support at all sites in the District

Goal #4: Support and promote successful student outcomes at the District's small schools and alternative programs.
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