Reopening Update: New Restaurant Guidance Takes Effect Monday
Today, the Baker-Polito Administration announced revised safety standards for restaurants, which will take effect on Monday, September 28th. Restaurants remain subject to the previously-issued, August 11th, 2020 safety standards until these revised workplace safety standards go into effect on Monday.
The most notable changes concern table seating and bar seating.

The size of a party seated at a table, as of Monday, cannot exceed 10.

Bar seating will be permitted provided that either:
  • There are no active work areas or working staff behind the bar at least 6 feet away; or
  • There is a physical barrier (e.g. Plexiglas) separating customers from the bar space that is at least 30 inches high and a gap/opening at the bottom of the barrier is allowed for food and drink service as long as the gap/opening is no more than 8 inches high

In addition, parties must be seated at bars (no standing customer service) and parties must be spaced at least 6 feet from other parties.

Subject to any applicable building and fire code requirements, bar areas may be reconfigured to accommodate table seating that complies with all spacing and other requirements in these COVID-19 safety standards. Tables must not be placed within 6 feet of the staffed bartending area.

All customers must be seated; eat-in service to standing customers (e.g., around bar areas) is prohibited. 
As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if the Partnership can be of any assistance to you. You may reach me directly via email at [email protected].

Jason Palitsch
Executive Director
The 495/MetroWest Partnership