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May 2020
Staying Safe

With the current situation we are experiencing, this means we are all staying in our homes, so now more than ever it is important to remain independent and safe at home. 

We are still installing and servicing our clients and can be reached either by email or phone.  If it is necessary for one of our technicians to visit your home in person, you can rest assured our staff will observe strict hygiene protocols.  Some of these include:

  1. Avoiding any physical person-to-person contact (such as handshakes)
  2. Observing social distancing - staying at least 6 feet away from you and recommend if possible, for you to be in another room while we are there.
  3. Regularly washing our hands and using hand sanitizer products.
  4. Using PPE equipment such as face masks, gloves and booties.
  5. Cleaning equipment before and after we service or install it.
  6. If any technician or staff member experiences any symptoms, they are told to self-isolate immediately and contact their physician.
If you are a client and your equipment develops a fault, please call our office as there is a good chance that it can be rectified remotely using the digital diagnostic display that is standard on all stairlift and elevators.

If you wish to visit our office, please call and schedule an appointment.  We are wearing our masks and require all visitors to also wear theirs.  We are social distancing, limiting customer traffic, cleaning and sanitizing constantly.  

We are here to help you stay safe in your home.  It is also more important than ever to be able to be there for our clients - old and new - and help them with whatever they need from us to remain in their homes. 

How can we help you?
Linda & Bill Bohmbach

Hard at Work

 Some of our techs working with their PPE  equipment.  We appreciate all they are doing  during this COVID 19  pandemic. We are keeping  our technicians safe as well  as our customers.
Home Healthsmith's Corey Smith Featured on MTTI site...

Always inspired to see graduates hired and beginning new careers, MTTI Instructors and Staff are equally uplifted to hear past graduates tell us that they feel successful and enjoy the work they are doing. Catching up with Building & Property Trades Technician graduate, Corey Smith, we learned that he has advanced in his role at Home Healthsmithâ„¢ where he had been hired, at graduation, as a Service and Installation Technician. During this unprecedented Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Corey is an essential worker. -MTTI
"Corey has really stepped up in his leadership role and has been become a strong member of our team. He is well respected in the field with our clients, builders and contractors as well as other team members.  His organization skills are phenomenal and he has shown strong training skills with other employees. The comprehensive training he received at MTTI has served him well.
-Linda Bohmbach, ECHMP, DCP
Home Healthsmith LLC
Co-Founder & Vice President Sales & Marketing
Read the rest of the feature article at this link.

Linda & Bill Bohmbach

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