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A Recovery News Update from the Healdsburg Recovery Task Force, a partnership between the City of Healdsburg and the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce.
Today, the  public health order for local parks  is loosened further. The  updated order  allows folks to visit parks even if they have to drive there. Before, the parking lots were closed to all but persons with disabilities. So now you can drive to most local parks, and get out and ride a bike or take a walk or run (or a number of other recreational activities, as long as your activity group is your quarantine family). No use of high-touch spaces, and activity has to be active not passive. 

Only for folks who live close-by (or if you're a really long-distance cyclist or runner), Sonoma Coast beach parks are open for visits daily until 11:00 a.m., then again open after 5:00 p.m. -- but you can only use these beach parks if you don't drive to get there (and you can't hang out - you have to keep moving). As for Lake Sonoma, we read that BLM will open aspects of the water by Saturday, and other parts (including trails) a little later as they recall staff. 

All park visitors must comply with facial coverings (when close to others), social distancing, and other limitations including self-screening for symptoms. Follow the City's web page  here  for updates about local parks. 

What about a larger Phase II reopening for Sonoma County?  Governor Newsom authorized seven counties to move to Later Phase II, but not Sonoma. He set forth seven thresholds that needed to be passed before leaving Early Phase II. Later Phase II means (among other things), some sit-down restaurant openings, and more in-store retail sales. Healdsburg Police Lt. Matt Jenkins wrote the seven tests up pretty sensibly for the City staff, and we wanted to share that with you so that you had a better understanding of them too (remember to "download pictures" if your browser blocked the chart):
Noting again this is a home-grown chart that is based on our best available knowledge, we also know this: there have been about 67 new cases in the last 14 days (17 too many), and there was a COVID-19 death on Monday, so the 14-day clock resets. It's sad how clinical this sounds when lives are at stake, but that is where we are.     

But in the  other areas , we seem to be doing well - we're at over 400 tests per day. We believe that the County is close to or beyond having (or training) 75 tracers, and the homeless bed capacity is likely there when needed. It appears that so, too, is the availability of supplies and PPE for Essential Workers, as well as the ability to support these same people if exposed or sick. While we're untrained eyes, it really does seem that the new cases and deaths are what we need to follow closely. We'll do that with you in our email.

In the meantime, as we wait for Later Phase II, curbside retail is open, as is curbside pick-up for great food. And hopefully we all will stay safe and healthy as we slowly re-open. 

Other Quick Updates:
  • The City's SBS Loan programs recipients got notice of their loans on Monday. 75 businesses will receive the loans. Some even declined the loan after they got solid PPP loans, and we'll send the returned money back into the loan pool. :)  
  • We have a couple of videos up on our YouTube channel - more are coming! Find Chief Boaz up there showing how a thermal thermometer works.
  • Answering an earlier question, we know now that if you're a salon, you can still be open for curbside retail (not haircuts, but you can sell product).
  • The City may be going through a review and public outreach regarding more pedestrian-only spaces around the Plaza, in part to create more space for outdoor restaurant and retail. If you have an opinion, please pass it along.   

​More information about COVID-19 related matters is on the City's website  here  and the Chamber's website  here . You can also join the Healdsburg Recovery Task Force Facebook Group . As always, thank you for reading and for your input and comments.
The Healdsburg Recovery Task Force is an informal partnership between the City of Healdsburg and the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce to help us all navigate through the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. Members include Vice-Mayor Evelyn Mitchell, Council Member David Hagele, William Seppi (Costeaux Bakery), Alan Baker (Cartograph Wines), Dan Maraviglia (Passalacqua, Mazzoni, Gladden, Lopez & Maraviglia, LLP), Jason Liles (Senator McGuire's office), Shelley Anderson (HUSD), and David Mickaelian (Healdsburg City Manager).  Tallia Hart of the Chamber and Dave Kiff of the City help write and revise this document. Nothing in this document is a specific endorsement by the Chamber or the City of any action, financial path, or business practice.
Join the Services Advisory Team
Support your local community
Services Advisory Team
We know there are uncertain times ahead. Help us learn what services the community needs during COVID-19 to support you, your family, and your friends by volunteering for our community-based Services Advisory Team.

The goal of the Services Advisory Team (SAT) is to get direct feedback from a cross-section of the community on what their needs might be this summer, into the upcoming school year, and beyond. We want to get input from parents, teens, single folks, our Latino community, older adults, and others. We will take this feedback – along with feedback from the City's Parks and Recreation Commission and direction from City Council - to help prioritize our services during a time of limited financial resources.

We envision the team meeting virtually either weekly or bi-weekly at a day and time that is yet to be determined. Meetings will last about an hour.

For questions or if you can volunteer your time and energy to be part of the Services Advisory Team, please contact Recreation Manager Dave Jahns at  or 707-431-3152.
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Friday, May 15th 
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Financial Resources for Businesses
with John DeGaetano, Business Advisor

Friday, May 22nd
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Healdsburg Recovery Task Force Update
with Vice Mayor Evelyn Mitchell and Councilmember David Hagele

Friday, May 29th
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Helpful Articles & Virtual Trainings
from Modern Digital

Upcoming Trainings (all virtual!)
  • Facebook Advertising Training
  • Thursday, May 14, 2020
  • 11:00 AM 2:00 PM
  • You will get insights and practical lessons from the field and you’ll learn how to make the most of Facebook advertising. 
  • Digital Marketing Trends of 2020 (free!)
  • Thursday, May 21, 2020
  • 3:30 PM 5:00 PM
  • A panel of digital marketers will predict trends and give us insight into what they believe will be the most important digital marketing strategies or tactics to plan for in 2020. 
  • Digital Marketing Bootcamp (Online)
  • Saturday, May 23, 2020
  • 10:00 AM 5:00 PM
  • This bootcamp is a concise overview of digital marketing that will get your marketing into shape. You'll learn new ways to promote your business and connect with customers using your website and digital channels.

For more information on these resources, please reach out directly to Tina Serio, Founder & Principal Consultant at Modern Digital .
Sonoma County EDB Updates
SoCo Launch & COVID-19 Business Impact Survey
SoCo Launch

On May 11, the Sonoma County Economic Development Board announced the launch of SoCo Launch , an online portal featuring all of the resources you need to safely and successfully re-open your business, in accordance with the latest Public Health Order. This guide is aimed to help business owners  understand at what point they may be able to re-open for consumers amidst the four phases outlined by the State of California .

Business Mitigation Measure Checklist
  • As you build your business plan to incorporate the necessary protocol to reopen once allowed by local and/or state health orders, review this checklist to ensure you’re meeting or exceeding necessary requirements to reopen

Best Management Practices
  • To ensure businesses in specific industries have a consistent and easy to use outline for suggested approaches in order to quickly and safely reopen their businesses, we’ve created guidelines for local industries to reference as we move through the different phases of reopening

Business Self-Certification Portal
  • We’ve created an online portal for businesses to self-certify, once state and/or local health orders allow them to open, that they are committed to meeting or exceeding requirements of the Business Mitigation Practices put into place by the County of Sonoma to prevent the spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 Business Impact Survey

The Economic Development Board (EDB) has contracted with Dr. Robert Eyler, principal of Economic Forensics and Analytics, to conduct a thorough analysis of the  economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Sonoma County.

To assist in accurately measuring local impact, we are conducting a weekly survey of local businesses. Each of these surveys will be open for seven days. The data collected will be crucial in  determining impacts, assessing resources needed , and  creating policy for future events . It should take less than five minutes to complete, and will be released indefinitely on a  weekly basis  to capture  effects over time .

We appreciate your candid responses, and can be reached at   if you have any questions about the survey or questions within.

Do not forget to visit our   website for a comprehensive list of resources and benefits for businesses and employees impacted by COVID-19. We hope you stay safe and well during this time.
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Skip cooking tonight, send grandma a thank you, or just check out the many ways you can help your local businesses now.
A healthy economy impacts all of us in the months to come.
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