Construction Progress During COVID-19
It's safe to say that COVID-19 has thrown a curve ball to businesses including the construction industry. As things open up slowly we needed to learn and adapt to new requirements in order to keep our community and workers safe.

With the opening of Phase 1, we were fortunate enough to get back to our new normal and continue the progress on some great projects. Special thanks to our workforce, subcontractors, architects, engineers and our clients.
All play a role in the best way to proceed.

We are actively bidding work and hopeful the Western New York economy continues to prosper. Please contact Paul Nyznyk or if you are in need of any pre-construction services.

Evans Bank
Things are back underway at the new Evans Bank Headquarters. The new roof is complete, framing and MEP rough-ins are well underway and things continue to progress. We continue to work with Schneider Architectural Services and Evans Bank to ensure we deliver them a great project!
Peace Bridge Authority
Hayes is currently finishing work for the Peace Bridge Authority upgrading the mechanical and electrical systems at one of their facilities. The project started in June 2019 and was a highly technical job that required great attention to detail in order to keep the building fully operational during construction.

656 Genesee Street
Buffalo, NY 14211