Taken in quarantine, this photo illustrates Cuco's ability to capture the extraordinary within the seemingly ordinary. These cloud formations above his home in Granada appear as crashing waves over this magical city.
"Making an image. Freezing a moment. Reveals how rich reality truly is."

This anonymous quote resonates so much with us on how important photography is during times likes these. A captured image can transport you, uplift you, and inspire you. It can change mindsets, create social movements, and inspire on so many levels. Our hope is that Cuco's photographs resonate with everyone that interacts with them - whether that is to transport you to a beautiful location, fill you with peace, inspire new ideas, or captivate your mind. Each piece is special and invokes meaning in different ways to different people. Let us know what they invoke in you!
Editions are now available on our website - shop.cucodefrutos.com

While our showroom remains closed until we can safely reopen, we are excited to launch our newly designed Viewing Room that is linked directly from our website. Each limited edition, in all of its available sizes, can be purchased through the site. Worldwide shipping and white glove delivery/installation options in the New York Tri-state area are available.

We will soon be launching this direct purchasing feature on Facebook and Instagram as well so if you are interested in buying, please don't hesitate as many of the editions are beginning to sell quickly. If you are interested in a piece and would like to set up a payment option, we would be happy to work with you as well. Please don't hesitate to inquire.
After the Storm | A Homage to NYC and Its Strength in Solitude
"Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future." ~ Sally Mann
This iconic photo was taken after sunrise in 2018 on a hot and humid August morning following an intense summer rain. The streets were ominously empty to prepare for a summer bike race through the city. The significance of this captured moment is now more apparent to us than ever with its evocative foreshadowing of recent events in New York City. A true "reflection" of strength and solidarity, the Flatiron building and its long history evokes strength and solitude as it stands alone at the intersect of Broadway and 5th Avenue. It epitomizes NY Tough and the city's unyielding resilience in the face of all adversity.
From the Archives... A special collection of works from Cuco's past
During this period of confinement, many of us have spent our time organizing and working on those tasks that we had been putting off because we finally had "time". Cuco has spent a lot of his time going through tens of thousands of his archived photographs and has uncovered hidden gems that had long been forgotten.

We are excited to share some of these pieces in a private viewing room on our website www.cucodefrutos.com soon. A special invitation will be sent out to our newsletter subscribers when the site goes live.
Sneak Peak: Young Buddhist Monks in Thailand moving swiftly over steep stairs through an ancient temple.
"Reflections Through the Glass"

Check out Cuco live in conversation with Diego Ortega, Owner of Alta Pavina Winery
1pm EST tonight (5/21) on Instagram
Please join Cuco on Instagram as he speaks with Diego Ortega about the art of photography and the art of making wine. 

For those of you that have joined us for our exhibitions in New York, the delicious Spanish wine we served was from this amazing winery www.altapavina.com .
We hope that you and your family are in good health and have been safe through the past few months.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you through our work. Cuco loves hearing from everyone that has reached out to him on Instagram and Facebook. We are so grateful for all of your support on this journey and we are looking forward to reuniting with you soon.

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