with some restrictions

We are proud to announce that starting today, the OPEN flag will be out. We will be open for business, but with some changes:

  • Most importantly, masks are strictly required in the foyer and the building. If you enter the foyer without a mask, you may be asked to leave and you may get an angry phone call from me. No one wants that.

  • You must stay socially distant from each other and from our staff. We may not be able to help you in the way you are used to. You may have been vaccinated but we have not.

  • Do not come in if you have traveled outside New England in the last 14 days OR if you are sick. We all know this, right?

  • For the time being, one party will be allowed in the building at a time. If all goes well, we’ll start considering more, but baby steps.

  • Drop-ins will now be welcome without an appointment. You may still make an appointment if you don’t want to risk having to wait. Priority entry will be given to those with appointments. (We have maybe one or two a day, so don’t sweat it too much.)

  • All visitors must wait in the foyer for permission to enter by our staff.
  • Please tell us your name even if you think we know – it’s hard to tell with masks on. Only valid Jackson Library cardholders are allowed inside.
  • We may ask some followup questions and then either allow you inside or let you know how long the wait is. Please wait for that before entering the second set of doors.

  • Maximum visit time will be 20 minutes in order to minimize exposure and to ensure everyone to get a turn.

  • All other service will continue, including item pickup.

The Library Board of Trustees, Friends of the Library, and Library Staff are thrilled to be reopening our building almost exactly one year since having to close for safety. Thank you for your continued support and patience.