Rep. Chris Millis endorse Tammy Covil for NC House District 20 

HAMPSTEAD, NC -  As I complete my second term in the state House, I know first-hand how important it is to have men and women of principle serve in state government. I have seen House members stand up boldly for their constituents, and I have also seen some melt under the pressure of special interests and political arm-twisting. When citizens send elected officials to Raleigh, it is imperative that we send individuals grounded in principles that promote prosperity, not those who are political weather vanes on important issues that can directly harm our lives.
When it comes to conservative principles - those that lead to prosperity - I know exactly where Tammy Covil stands. Her track record proves that she has the strength of conviction, character, and integrity to withstand the political pressure in Raleigh - to use the voice and vote of the 20th House District to do what is right and true.
Preserving conservative tax reform that has brought North Carolina from 44th in state tax climate in the nation to 15th - I know where Tammy Covil stands.
Fighting for strong educational outcomes for students and their parents, including elimination of harmful Common Core state standards - I know where Tammy Covil stands.
Working to create an environment where individuals have greater opportunities to prosper by way of a state government focused on its proper role - I know where Tammy Covil stands.
Reforming unnecessary regulations that are the invisible tax we have to bear as citizens, while maintaining a strong focus on protecting our commonly shared environment and coastal beauty - I know where Tammy Covil stands.
We in southeastern North Carolina cannot afford to send individuals to Raleigh who are not committed to advancing conservative principles that we know allow every individual - regardless of race, creed, or income - the greatest opportunity to prosper. I know that Tammy Covil is committed to the right principles for North Carolina, and I support her effort to serve the citizens of the 20th House District.
I stand with Tammy and sincerely ask that you do as well by voting for her on March 15th. Please also visit to volunteer for her campaign and donate.
Rep. Chris Millis

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