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Around the Neighborhood
Old Town Art Fair  
June 10-11
Old Town Triangle Historic District
10 a.m. - 7 p.m. (6 p.m. Sun) 

Pride Fest
June 17-18
Halsted St. south of Addison St.  
'A Simple Piece of Paper' Screening 
Center on Halsted
Hoover-Leppen Theatre 
Mon. Jun. 19 
6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Join us with the Village Chicago (formerly Lincoln Park Village) for a free screening and discussion of the film A Simple Piece of Paper.

The film documents the law which allows adoptees access to their original birth certificates , and the discussion will feature those personally affected by the change.
RSVP Here.
Pride Parade 
Sun. June 25  
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Get Involved
Volunteers are an essential part to the work ICIRR does for the immigrant community. Be part of a group of committed individuals helping to move forward efforts to empower immigrants!

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Dear Neighbor,

Greetings from the 12th district where summer is off to a great start in Chicago. Unfortunately, the beginning of summer comes on the heels of a continuing legislative session. Our work continues both here and at the Capitol as budget discussions seep into the summer months. Frustration is felt by all.
My constituents have my promise that my colleagues and I will continue to push for a compromise toward a full and balanced budget. We are steadfast at trying to work with the Governor toward a final budget.  The Senate has boldly sent the governor a balanced budget with revenue along with reforms he has asked for. House and Senate Democratic budget teams are closely aligned and prepared to move forward. However, Rauner continues to reject everything.
Here is a link to Senator Steans' press conference which sums things up accurately.
We will continue to fight to protect those who can't afford to protect themselves.  We, as a state, must come together to find common ground on how to move this state forward and I'm hopeful we will find that path.   Stay tuned for updates on the budget here.
While the lack of a budget has been beyond frustrating to all of us, this session did produce some important legislation that will make a difference for people of the 12th district and throughout the state.  Here are just a few of them:
Education Funding Reform
My colleagues and I in the House and Senate did manage to pass a bill that would overhaul the current public school funding formula, finally reducing our schools overreliance on inflated property taxes to properly fund education over time. The bill would also provide parity in the Chicago teachers pension fund. Of course this bill needs funding attached to it that only a balanced budget can provide and the Governor has already publicly threatened to veto it in a partisan move that would deliberately further erode Illinois' largest public school system and leave CPS teachers, students and their parents in dire straits. 
Reproductive Rights
Together we passed a bill  protecting a women's right to choose by striking the dangerous "trigger" language in the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975. I urge the Governor to sign House Bill 40 to help ensure abortion remains safe and legal in Illinois regardless of potential federal efforts to overturn  Roe v. Wade or a woman's socio-economic status.  
I urge the Governor to turn and face the women of this state and sign this bill as soon as it arrives on his desk so all women will have access to full reproductive health options.
  Lake Shore Drive Noise Polution
We also took a big step forward to curb noise pollution issues along Lake Shore Drive by allowing the City of Chicago to install a noise monitoring system to study the impact of vehicular noise along the Drive.
High-rise dwellers along Lake Shore Drive share complaints on a regular basis with their elected officials about vehicular noise. This is the first step to mitigate the problem of noise pollution along the drive and provide residents with some much needed relief.

Food Allergy Safety 

Photo courtesy of Chicago Tonight, WTTW TV
Restaurants will increase critical food allergy training to decrease the number of fatal or serious allergic reactions while dining out.
Statistics show the majority of fatal food allergic reactions occur outside the home and effect one in 13 children in the United States.  
This training will help prevent food allergy reactions from occurring in dining establishments in Illinois. Allergic reactions can have very serious consequences. Ensuring that customers are properly informed about ingredients before they order and avoiding cross contamination before the food leaves the kitchen is the primary goal of this legislation.
Our office will be hosting  events this summer throughout the district- I look forward to seeing you at the street fairs, farmers markets and other special events and meetings in the neighborhood.  

Very Truly Yours,

Sara Feigenholtz
State Representative
12th District 
Please follow us on Facebook for updates throughout the legislative session or call my office (773) 296-4141 if we can be of help to you.
Around the Community
On Saturday, June 3 we hosted a women's self-defense seminar the Japanese Culture Center. For a brief video with tips on increasing your situational awareness, click here.

On Monday, June 5 we hosted our annual Condo & Townhome Owner Workshop with IL Condo Ombudsperson Adrienne Levatino and the "Judge Judy" of condo law, attorney/mediator/advisor Sima Kirsch. It was a lively discussion as always. For the comprehensive handout that accompanied the presentation please click here .
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If we can be of any assistance to you , please contact our constituent service office:

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