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Around the Neighborhood
March For Our Lives 
Union Park
1501 W. Randolph St.
Sat. Mar. 24
11:00 a.m. 
Area high school and college students are organizing the March For Our Lives Chicago to reduce gun violence. This event is taking place along with hundreds of others nationwide. Please march to show your support for these brave and courageous young people. 
Meet Your Beat Officer

19th Police District HQ
Community Room
850 W. Addison St. -
Thu. Mar. 29
6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Many of the 19th District Beat officers as well the CAPS officers will be at this event to meet residents of their beats.  This is a good way to get more involved with CAPS and other safety events/programs in our area.   

North Dearborn Garden Walk

The annual North Dearborn Association Garden Walk is one of the most anticipated events in our community. If you are looking to volunteer please visit their website.



Dear Neighbor,

Gun reform has taken center stage on television and social media after the Parkland, Florida shooting spree which came on the heels of the brutal murder of police commander Paul Bauer from the 18th district, who was gunned down on state property the day before.  

The students from Marjory Stoneman School have risen to the national stage to advocate for gun reform. These students turned into activists overnight after 17 people in their school were senselessly and brutally gunned down. They have inspired the country into action.

In solidarity with these students, and the countless others who have suffered from gun violence, the Illinois House passed a package of bills to institute new common sense gun safety measures.

Given a chance to sign the legislation into law, Governor Rauner once again chose politics over doing what's right by vetoing a bill which would have required gun dealers to obtain licenses.

The bill required gun shop owners to be trained in background checks, theft prevention, and the prevention of "straw" purchases. The Chicago Police Department reports that these purchases, (where someone buys firearms for someone else who is not allowed to purchase guns), is a major driver of crime in Chicago. The legislation would have made a significant dent in the number of guns from Illinois gun shops that show up at crime scenes in the city.

There will also be rallies across America, including at Union Park in Chicago, this Saturday to show Congress and the President that they must act on new gun safety measures. A good place to start would be re-instituting the Assault Weapons Ban. While we continue to do what we can here in Illinois, the best solutions to this problem should be enacted at the federal level. 

Students at Agassiz Elementary School and across America made their voices heard through peaceful action. I stand in solidarity with these students.   
Sexual harassment legislation taking shape

Sexual harassment brings trauma, pain, and fear of retribution to the victims. It's understandable why people sometimes need extra time to come forward, and it's vital that we fix the law to allow victims the time they need.

Legislation that extends the time for filing civil rights violations, including sexual harassment, to the Illinois Department of Human Rights from 180 to 365 days passed the House Executive Committee. 
The Illinois Department of Human Rights administers the Illinois Human Rights Act. The Act prohibits discrimination in Illinois with respect to sexual harassment, employment, financial credit, public accommodations, and housing. A discrimination charge can be initiated by calling, writing or appearing in person at the Department's Chicago or Springfield office. This new legislation will allow victims more time to come forward.

Expanding the time for filing civil rights violations is a recommendation of the ongoing House Sexual Discrimination and Harassment Task Force.
Public Safety Update

After numerous community meetings and pleas to put more law enforcement officers on the streets of our community, the Chicago Police Department announced 20 new officers will be added to the force in both the 18th and 19th police districts, serving Lakeview, Lincoln Park, the Gold Coast, and Uptown.

Health Care Update  
For the past several months, I have served on the medicaid working group to redesign the state's hospital assessment system. This working group drafted legislation which overhauls the state's $3.5 billion program, which leverages extra federal Medicaid funds to rural and safety-net hospitals that rely on the extra funds to stay afloat.

The redesign of the program modernizes how reimbursements are distributed with an aim on meeting the latest rules imposed by federal authorities in order to maximize funds.   

All hospitals receive funding under the program which prioritizes safety-net and rural hospitals. These hospitals will receive more than half of about $360 million in new funding being allocated.

This process exemplified how legislation should be drafted- with Democrats and Republicans sitting side by side and working together to build a strong health care system for our 
The legislature returns to Springfield for regular session on April 9, and we remain in session nearly continuously through May 31.

Until then, enjoy the start of spring and baseball season in and around our neighborhoods and please reach out to my office if there is anything we can do to assist you.

Warmest regards,
Sara Feigenholtz
State Representative
12th District 
Please follow us on Facebook for updates throughout the legislative session or call my office (773) 296-4141 if we can be of help to you.
Around the Community
Utility Bill Clinic
Visiting Scout Troop 3720

Thank you scout troop 3720 for inviting me to speak with you. Your curiosity, knowledge and discipline makes me believe the future is bright.

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