Virtual Programming: Week 6

At Holden Village, we mold and are molded. We shape our time together, and we allow ourselves to be shaped by each other.

The ceramics studio is one of Holden's great gifts... a place to study a new craft, to play and get messy and breathe deeply. A place to create and to acknowledge our own creation.

Countless Villagers have shaped their own clay vessels in the pottery studio. Watch a video, read an artist's statement, and listen to a podcast with the Village Potter as we explore what it means to dig into the clay, shaping and reshaping our community and ourselves.

The Arts Team
In this edition of Virtual Programming:

  • Podcast: "In the Studio with Kate Egolf"
  • Video: "Repetition and Refrain"
  • Reflection: "Artist's Statement"
Our Village Potter, Kate Egolf, grew up a Hoosier and was always into crafts, singing her way through projects—and life in general.

Serendipitously, she enrolled in a wheel class that changed the direction of her focus. Her first wheel class was a healing intersection as well as a catalyst. Kate had found her medium — the alignment of emotional, spiritual, and technical capacities of the clay spoke to her reclamation of self.

In her podcast, Kate ruminates her years living and working as the Village Potter. She loves leaning into the technical, functional muscle as well as figuring out what it means to surrender every piece to the fire. During her time at Holden, she values exploring connection on many levels through clay in this community.
"In this video I'm throwing my iconic granola bowl shape. I’m on a kick wheel, and light is pouring in from the window. As I work, you’ll hear me singing:
I am soft and strong like the clay
emotions take new forms everyday."

~ Kate Egolf
"Through the years spent up here, each year a question has emerged to lead my clay pursuits. The answer, it seems, is in a refrain.”

~ Kate Egolf, Village Potter
After living and working as the Village Potter, Kate still finds herself in love with bowls. Read her artist statement on repetition of form.
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PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Anny Berntsen and Hannah Lauber