AMCA-certified performance with Low-Profile versatility!
Low profile with a curved, contemporary style!
Only 8.5 in. high and 14.8 in. deep
3 finishes: Stainless Steel, White or Black
Can also be used in existing vestibules!
Meets ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC requirements
Climate control
Insect control
Employee comfort
Model EVE joins Powered Aire's series of AMCA-certified
 Vestibule Exception Air Curtains including: 
LEFT: The ETA unheated and electrically heated models are constructed of stainless steel and are installed exposed over a doorway. 

RIGHT: The CHA unheated and electrically heated models are installed out of sight above the ceiling.
For more information on how to specify these
Air Curtains call 888-321-AIRE (2473)