Webinar replay

There are many questions surrounding the monumental COVID-19 Tenant Protection Act of 2020. Daniel Bornstein had the privilege of hosting a webinar covering the new bill that now governs landlord-tenant relationships.

In this one-hour event, he was also tasked with reconciling local moratoriums and ordinances with state law brokered in Sacramento.

You may not come away with a mastery of the new laws and rules, but you can avoid many pitfalls and will be in a much better position by gaining a working knowledge of the many newfound requirements and developing a strategy on how to respond to tenants who are not paying rent.
After a period of silence as we allowed attendees to strap into the event, Daniel begins his presentation at around 8 minutes into this video.
For even more insights, including answers to frequently asked questions and a downloadable, one-page fact sheet, visit our page dedicated to AB-3088.
This is tricky stuff, but you can lean on informed advice to make sense of it all and resolve your landlord-tenant disputes as inexpensively, fast, and smart as possible taking into account time, risk, and attorneys' fees.

This webinar is only one component in our overarching goal of sharing information and insights with the rental housing industry. Follow us to get dialed into the latest happenings.