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Workshop about the Mechanisms to address Terrorism and extremism

The Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy held in cooperation with the Association Memory of the City a regional seminar on the mechanism to address terrorism and extremism in bin Rajab event center - Kairouan. Many activists from CSOs, trade union, security, educational and media sectors with some Imams and representatives from the ministry of religious affairs were present during this event. 
The Facilitator: Mr. Salem Brahm starting the opening session of this workshop by introducing the participants and the organizers of this workshop. After that the participants gave a definition for the terrorism and a conventional terms to identify extremism despite the fact that this phenomenon has various definitions and concepts which made the debate rich and enthusiastic , by the end of this session participants agreed on a that any violent act that causes damage to humanity and innocent individuals or property .Following the debate, the participants were divided into two working groups to discuss the causes of terrorism and extremism and the mechanisms to address it. 

 : The first workshop

The causes of terrorism and extremism.
The mechanisms to address terrorism and extremism
-      Lack of awareness, ignorance, poverty and unemployment
-      The imperialist tendencies to control the world resources
-      Intellectual and religious vacuum in educational programs
-      The widely spreading drug consumption
-      The bad judgement of some people about Islam
-      The Exclusion and absence of Dialogue
-      Adopting educational and raising awareness programs around this issue.
-      Parental control for the social media and TV programs
-      Family cohesion and support for teenagers
-      Providing decent living conditions for the youth
-      Equitable distribution of wealth
-      Adopting an anti-smuggling policy
-      Promoting the tolerant and culture of dialogue and moderation in Islam

The second workshop

The causes of terrorism and extremism.
The mechanisms to address terrorism and extremism
  • The absence of social justice
  • Xenophobia and extremist nationalist doctrines
  • Psychological complications and the deterioration of the socioeconomic atmosphere (poverty and marginalization.)
  • Political and partisan conflicts and the widely spreading doctrine of occupation
  • The ignorance and wrong understanding of religious concepts.
  • Raise awareness and promoting scientific knowledge
  • Social justice drafting laws and implementing them in social practices
  • The development of the educational system
  • Peaceful coexistence (Security)
  • Tolerance and acceptance of others
  • Individual freedom (believes ...)
  • The third workshop:

    The causes of terrorism and extremism.
    The mechanisms to address terrorism and extremism
    • The cultural background for youth and the absence of a moderate religious teachings which is created by the social and economic conditions
    • The failure of educational system (100 case of school dropout) adding to that the human rights violations
    • The rejection of moderate religious discourse
    • Isolation and marginalization (especially in popular neighborhoods: the high rate unemployment and delinquency ...)
    • The increasing rate of illiteracy
    • The absence of social justice (the failure development model).
    • The weakness of youth representation in decision making positions.
    • The extremist discourse in Media
  • Take care of future generations by reforming the educational, social and cultural institutions
  • The unaccomplished Educational reform due to the absence of skilled experts, competencies, parents, media and civil society Representatives.
  • Providing more care and attention for teenagers and youth
  • Reconsideration of the development model that isolate communities around the cities, with the implementation of the positive discrimination program for interior areas.
  • The participation of young people in decision making regionally on a national level.
  • Fighting extremist discourse in media platform

  • Fourth Workshop :

    The causes of terrorism and extremism.
    The mechanisms to address terrorism and extremism
    • Dictatorship (authoritarian political systems)
    • Family disintegration and repression inside the family
    • The low level of educational system (the deterioration of the educational institutions + lack of cultural clubs in educational institutions + the relations between student and teachers + early dropout, ...).
    • The religious discourse (extremist speech, shallow, empty and boring, ...).
    • Poverty and unemployment in exchange for economic and financial enticements (smuggling, ...)
    • Drug addiction

    • Establishing of a democratic system and promoting the role of civil society.
    • The need for a dialogue within the family + children control + providing more freedom for teenagers with control + teach them to assume responsibilities + role of civil society in supporting family's effort.
    • The reform of the educational system: the reform of the curricula + timing Clubs + humanitarians and religious teaching for teenagers.
    • The adoption of a moderate and convincing media discourse.
    • Addressing poverty and marginalized areas by launching development programs + implementation of positive discrimination and legal framework reform).
    • Raising awareness about of the dangers of addiction

    The working groups activity lasted for more than two hours and the debate continued almost during the break times. The Workshop concluded by reading the reports and recommendations of the participants. After that some participates shared an analytical reading for books about the phenomenon of terrorism and the Arab revolutions.