Report Your Catch During the
2019 Red Snapper Season
Create your own personal fishing log and share your catch and trip data with fishery scientists and managers by downloading and using the FREE MyFishCount mobile app for private anglers.
You can provide as much or as little detail about your trip as you would like. The reported information is confidential and stored on a web-based server where you can log into your profile to view your past catch information.
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How the App Can Work For You

Create a user profile on the MyFishCount website or mobile app. After logging into your profile and starting a trip, you can select the information you would like to report. Some of this information includes:
  • targeted species
  • fish length (kept and released)
  • hook type & location 
  • reason for release & treatment
  • depth fished
  • time fished & away from dock
  • weather conditions
MyFishCount is a pilot reporting project for recreational anglers to voluntarily report their catch through a website or smartphone app. After hearing the requests of fishermen across the region, the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council in partnership with Angler Action Foundation created MyFishCount.
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You can also enter information online!

Report your catch through the MyFishCount website by visiting

Create a member profile and start logging your catch.
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