The Transition Committee is continuing its work to make sure there is a smooth transition of pastoral leadership when Steve retires this summer. His last day in the pulpit will be Pentecost, June 9. He will remain on staff, using the leave time he has accrued, until the end of June. At that time we anticipate the Interim Pastor will begin her/his tenure of about one year.
The Interim Pastor Search Committee is beginning its work in January. The members of this committee are Rebecca Creed Chair, Joe Eberly, David Williams, Lisa Taylor, Mattox Hair, Katie Fackler and Molly Rattigan. They have received names of several trained Presbyterian Interim Pastors and would welcome additional suggestions. If you have a name, please either contact one of this group or call the church office.
The Nominating Committee of the church, chaired by Cheryl Sapora, has completed the slate of officers who will comprise the 2022 classes of Elders, Trustees and Deacons. After a short breather they will begin to assemble the slate of nominees for the Pastor Nominating Committee, or PNC, or Call Committee. This group should be representative of the whole congregation, and will be elected by the congregation later in the spring.
It is customary for the Presbytery to appoint a representative to serve as liaison to the PNC to assist in its work. This is usually another ordained pastor in the Presbytery or an elder with experience from another church. We are fortunate that the Presbytery will be allowing us to have an appointed liaison early in the process to assist the Interim Search Committee in their work. Riverside is a large and complicated church so we are grateful for all the help the Presbytery can extend to us. John Ragsdale has agreed to serve as a liaison for us in this search. While I have heard many people express a hope that John might serve as our Interim or even as our eventual called pastor, he is not interested in either position. However, John is eager to help us in our search in this capacity. It is possible that a second liaison may be appointed later in the process.
Lastly, there are other transitions in the works. Jack Higson, who has been our Administrator for many many years, will be going part-time in the fall so his work load will be re-distributed with an additional part-time employee needed to pick up the load he sheds. Cheryle Busack, our part-time Accountant, is also retiring.
Please contact any one of us with your questions, concerns and comments.
Mary Coxe, Chair, Mary Spuhler, Rebecca Creed, Ron Roberts, John Sapora and Mark Harbison.
As well as being emailed in a special email, these monthly reports from the transition committee are publicized in the Monthly Messenger and will now be available in the weekly emails from Riverside.