Report from the CMS Board of Directors - July 12, 2019
Dear colleague:

Summertime greetings from your board of directors!

A few hours ago we completed our bimonthly business meeting and I am writing to share outcomes from the meeting with you. If you have questions, concerns or other ideas then please reply. I welcome your input and promise to reply thoughtfully and promptly.

The Colorado Health Institute presented an environmental scan that the board is using to create next year’s operational plan . In this regard, we engaged in two exercises to create measurable objectives on reversing the opioid crisis and on controlling health care costs. We also reviewed a first draft of the next operational plan submitted by a board committee. It will be finalized at the September meeting.

It is a priority of the board to continue innovation of CMS to increase membership value and make CMS meaningful and relevant to a diverse physician population. We dedicated significant time during the meeting today on some key issues in pursuit of that priority including:

  1. Board best practices: The board continued its efforts this year to ensure best practices in board performance. A number of new best practices were adopted today while others were referred for further study to board committees. Click here to read the latest.
  2. All-member elections: CMS transitioned to all-member elections for president-elect and AMA delegates in 2016. The board initiated a performance review of the election processes late last year and today voted to adopt recommendations to improve the election cycle process. Speaking of elections, watch for your electronic ballot via email on Aug. 1 to vote for your next CMS president-elect and the CMS delegation to the American Medical Association. Don’t forget to vote! Click here to read the election cycle performance review and recommendations approved by the board
  3. Bylaws amendments: CMS bylaws are periodically reviewed to ensure they are serving as relevant standards for conducting CMS business. Click here to review four bylaws amendments adopted by the board
  4. Other fiduciary duties: Minutes from the May meeting and a financial report were considered and approved. Both are available upon request.

Thank you for your continued membership and participation with Colorado Medical Society. I hope to see you at the CMS Presidential Celebration and Inaugural Gala in Denver on Sept. 14 at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Enjoy the rest of the summer! Click here for more information and to register today!

With gratitude,
Debra J. Parsons, MD, FACP
President, Colorado Medical Society