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Report on TIG's April Trip to India


In April TIG cofounder, Paul Ramsey traveled to India to meet with the families, their medical providers and the children’s schools. Some of you have made this annual trip with Paul previously, developing personal relationships with the families and a deeper understanding of India. Because of COVID, the trip was cancelled in 2020 and 2021. While we’ve been able to text and call the families, problem-solving through language barriers from 11,000 miles away has been challenging. We needed Paul’s personal assessment to make upcoming decisions. And some immediate needs required TIG attention while he was in India because it was the start of a new school year. While there:

Six of the younger children were enrolled in school – two in Khajuraho and four in Varanasi. They will need uniforms, books and supplies, tutoring and school transportation.

We purchased a laptop for our newest 11th grader, Milli after she successfully completed computer tutoring last year, also a TIG expense. Milli earned the highest score in her school on India’s required 10th grade exam, a great source of pride for her parents and for us.

Two of the children in Khajuraho scored well enough on school entrance exams that we enrolled them in a more rigorous English-language school. TIG purchased their new uniforms and books.

Paul also met with Milli, Sakshi, their families and their art teacher to discuss post-secondary education as they will both be graduating soon and have the possibility of promising careers in graphic and computer art.


Our students are showing remarkable success thanks to your financial generosity. We are hopeful we can continue to support them as they qualify for better schools and consider post-secondary opportunities far surpassing our earliest expectations of what was possible for them. 

The India Group is embarking on a social media campaign to generate to showcase individual families and their children more regularly. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for updates.




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