May 1, 2019

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Florida PTA Awarded Grant to Empower Parents to Read, Interpret, and Take Action on Education Data
ORLANDO, FL  National PTA has awarded Florida PTA with a two-year grant to educate parents on school report cards and empower them to advocate to ensure this data is accessible, transparent, and actionable.  Florida PTA is one of only five states nationwide selected to receive a grant.

"The Every Student Succeeds Act requires school districts and states to annually release a school report card, which includes important information about school environment, demographics, and performance on the state, local, and school level.  This data, however, doesn't always speak for itself", said Jim Accomando, president of National PTA.  "We are pleased to provide Florida PTA with resources to empower parents to read, interpret, and take action to turn school report cards into results for their child's school".  

With the grant, Florida PTA will host educational events and trainings and develop and disseminate materials to educate parents on school report cards and help them read and interpret the reports.  Florida PTA will also empower parents to advocate to ensure education data is accessible and transparent, and how to use education data to demand improvements that lead to school and student success.  Additionally, Florida PTA will bring together parents and state and local policymakers to elevate the issue of data transparency and utilization and facilitate improvements. 

"We are truly excited to have this opportunity to help families access the information, training and support they need to make better informed decisions about the education options available to ensure their children reach their full potential, said Linda Kearschner, president of the Florida PTA.  "The data available through these reports cards can also be used to help identify opportunities to drive transformative change through the provision of equitable and high quality educational opportunities for all students."
The grant program is part of National PTA's new From Report to Results campaign and the association's mission to ensure that parents and families are meaningfully supported and engaged in their children's education.  

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Who Uses Student Data?
Who Uses Student Data?

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