Dear Friends,

Since March, our focus has been on supporting our neighbors hardest hit by the pandemic and the nonprofits that serve them. We have also sharpened our resolve to work with others to create a more equitable future for all our region's residents, especially our growing communities of color.

We are all changed by recent events, and as a result, our lens has changed. Yet as we look back on our work together just one year ago, we accomplished important milestones for our strategic priorities of community engagement, economic opportunity and educational attainment throughout our four counties. And they remain crucial areas for leadership and investment as we move forward in this new landscape.

We are inspired by the critical organizations and generous donors and partners who made this work possible. To honor their efforts and our commitment to financial transparency, we now share a scaled-down and online-only review of 2019.

Our networks and relationships are especially crucial in moments of uncertainty. As your community foundation, we are uniquely positioned to help identify and address the immediate needs of our communities, and channel generosity to where it is needed most. Facing challenges and finding solutions together is our shared enterprise - this year and every year.

Thank you for being a part of it.