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 RA   2013-001


SEER*RX Version 2.1.0

Released January 23, 2013



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The SEER*Rx Interactive Drug Database was updated on January 23, 2013. This version includes 3 new regimens, 12 new drugs (Phase I, Phase II, or Phase III clinical trials or recently approved by the FDA).  71 drugs currently in the database have been updated to include generic names and or updated information added to the remarks field. 255 drug regimens have been modified. Review of the regimens in SEER*RX noted an ancillary drug (which is not coded) was inadvertently added to these regimens. The drug in question has been deleted. 


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Six drugs have changed categories. Please refer to the summary of changes document which is available on the SEER*RX page.


SEER*RX is now available in two formats: a web-based tool and as stand-alone software.


Web-based Version


The SEER*Rx - Interactive Antineoplastic Drugs Database is provided in a web-based format that has several benefits over the software:

  • Updates are automatic: users do not have to install anything to access the latest revisions.
  • Allows access from any computer or device with an Internet connection.
  • Eliminates problems for users who do not have permission to install software on their work computers.

Download Software Version


The web-based version of the SEER*Rx is the preferred method to access the current data. If you need the software version because of limited Internet access, it is still available for now, but may be phased out in the future. Note that the coding information in the software version of the database can get out-of-date; be sure to check back to this site to install any updates.


Download the SEER*Rx Version 2.1.0 (released January 23, 2013)


SEER*RX Version 2.1.0 replaces previous versions. You will need to delete the old version prior to downloading version 2.1.0

Contact your regional registry if you have questions or need clarification. 
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