CRGC Reporting Advisory

 RA   2013-006


Reporting Multiple Primaries for  Urothelial/Transitional Cell of the Bladder


Use the following rules in order to report urothelial/transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder: 


  • MP/H Rule M5: report an invasive tumor diagnosed more than 60 days after an in situ tumor as multiple primaries.


  • MP/H Rule M6: report as a single primary any combination of:
    •  Papillary carcinoma (8050) or
    •  Transitional cell carcinoma (8120-8124) or
    •  Papillary transitional cell carcinoma (8130-8131) 


Note 1: Urothelial and Transitional are equal/equivalent terms.

Note 2: The single primary rule for the histologies listed in M6 applies regardless of timing, therefore do not apply MP/H Rule M7 to the histologies included in M6.  


Click here for examples of Rule M5 and Rule M6



Urothelial/Transitional Cell Tumors for

MP/H Rule M6

Histology Code
  • With squamous differentiation
  • With glandular differentiation
  • With trophoblastic differentiation
  • Nested
  • Microcystic
  • Transitional cell, NOS

Papillary cell

Papillary transitional cell






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References: MP/H Rules, Renal Pelvis, Ureter, Bladder, and Other   Urinary Equivalent Terms, Definitions, Tables, and Illustrations, C659, C669, C670-679, C680-C689  



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