Volume 10 | December 19, 2017
More Outreach Results
There has been an amazing amount of public involvement during the first phase of this neighborhood planning process and we are publishing the results of our outreach in stages. Two weeks ago we published our first outreach report . This week we are launching two new tools for reporting back what we have heard: an interactive web map and a public comment log.
Interactive Web Map
One goal of the outreach phase was to identify specific locations and features in the River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods that people value or would like to see changed. Community members provided this input by drawing on maps and writing location specific comments. This interactive web map is a compilation of all these place-specific comments.

There are over 500 points on the map, and each one represents a neighbor's feedback! Read through the comments and share this map with anyone who might be interested. There were several additional outreach events in December, so check back as the wealth of information grows!
Public Comment Log
We have received a number of emails and letters over the past few months and we have started cataloging them for easy public access. You can download the public comment log from the what have we heard page or by clicking on the link belo w. The public comment log contains links to the original emails and letters so you can read exactly what neighbors have submitted. We hope you find this useful and that this contributes to th e transparency of the neighborhood planning process.
As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the River Road - Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan.
The River Road and Santa Clara Community Organizations, in collaboration with neighbors, businesses, the City of Eugene and Lane County, are creating a vision that will guide decision-making in River Road and Santa Clara for decades to come.