August 27, 2014
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Reporting On What God Has Done

 by David Nakhla


"When they had arrived and gathered the church together, they began 
to report all things that God had done with them..."  
Acts 14:27a (NASB)

2014 "English for Teens" Bible Camping Trip in 
At the end of his first missionary journey, Paul returned with his traveling companions to the church that had sent them in order to "report all things that God had done with them, and how He had opened a door of faith to the Gentiles." In so far as we have sent out our short-term missionaries, shouldn't we expect the same upon their return - a report on all the things that God has done with them?

If your church had the privilege of sending out short-term mission teams or individuals this summer, would there be an opportunity for them to report to your congregation on what God has done with them? Here are just a few of the many benefits of such an exercise: it allows the church that sent these short-term missionaries to rejoice with them in what the Lord has done; it compels the team or individual to reflect on their experience to see what the Lord has done and taught them; it is a form of accountability; and finally, the church gains a better sense of the work, the missionaries, and how to pray for the Lord's continued work in that place.

In this edition of the S.T.O.R.M. Report, we share some reports and photos that we have received, reflecting what God has done through OPC short-term mission teams and individuals this summer, all to the glory of His name!

Teachers Needed in Uganda!


Do you like to teach, and desire to serve on a foreign mission field?

The Karamoja Station of the Orthodox Presbyterian Uganda Mission (OPUM) is currently looking for individuals to:
  • work with Karimojong preschoolers in OPUM's Karamoja Education Outreach (KEO) program
  • participate in outreaches to local primary schools where literacy, Bible, and English are taught
  • help out with the home-schooling of missionaries' children

This is not a paid job.

Ideally, teachers could begin this fall and stay for 9-12 months.  However, a later start date and a stay of as little as 3 months is also possible.

Visit the comprehensive OPUM website, where you can find a a carefully detailed Visitor's Handbook (Karamoja Handbook) which is must-reading for anyone considering serving in this remote region of the world.  Visit the KEO website for more information on that aspect of the work.


Those interested in serving are encouraged to contact Martha Wright directly at to ask for an application and all the details!


Help Refurbish New Hampshire
Church Building (Sept. - Oct. 2014)
Spectacular fall foliage in New England


Individuals or teams are needed this fall to help Providence Presbyterian Church, an OPC mission work in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, refresh and remodel its newly acquired church building!  Until the church building is ready, the congregation is meeting in nearby Norwich, Vermont.  Read more about this area, known as the "Upper Valley," by clicking here.

Jobs include:

  • Painting
  • Yard work
  • Tree pruning / removal
  • Light plumbing
  • General cleaning


The best time for workers to schedule their visit is between September 20th and October 18th, 2014.

New England Foliage:
These dates conveniently fall during the beautiful New England autumn leaf season!  You may want to combine a fall foliage road trip with your labors!  Check out Yankee Foliage website for ideas!

Those interested in helping are asked to contact Organizing Pastor Tim Herndon directly for complete details!


Rev. Timothy G. Herndon
Phone 603-667-1053


Photo Gallery:
Green Bay's STM Trip to Naples, Florida! 

Photos from Pastor Eric Hausler, Naples OPC, Naples, Florida


New Hope OPC (Green Bay, Wisconsin) sent a team to Naples, Florida, in July, in response to Pastor Eric Hausler's call for a short-term mission team to come and help Naples OPC with local outreach!  New Hope's Associate Pastor Paul Mourreale and the group from Green Bay canvassed neighborhoods and did service projects, including a day of service at St. Matthew's House (a faith-based non-profit ministry to the homeless and those in addiction recovery). Naples OPC was so encouraged to receive help from the team from Green Bay!


Green Bay team members enjoy a beautiful Naples sunset

See the full gallery of photos
at under "Past STMs," by clicking here.


Photo Gallery: Team Haiti 2014 

Photos from Pastor Peter Sim, Theophilus OPC, Anaheim, California


Team Haiti, sent out by the Youth Committee of the Presbytery of Southern California, traveled to Haiti this summer from June 23 to July 3, 2014.  The team worked with OPC missionaries Ben and Heather Hopp to conduct mini VBS programs based on Reformed catechetical instruction in the Creole language with the assistance of translators.  This year's Team Leader, Rev. Peter Sim, shared some of his photos with us!



See the full gallery of photos at under "Haiti," by clicking here.


Photo Gallery:
"English Family Camp" in the Czech Republic 

Photos from Zachary Chione, Harvest OPC, San Marcos, California



Every summer, Bayview OPC (Chula Vista, California) partners with Jerry and Marilyn Farnik (missionaries to the Czech Republic) by bringing a team to the Czech Republic to present the gospel in the form of a summer family "English Camp."  This year's camp took place from July 9 to 21, and team member Zach Chione shared some of his photos with us!



See the full gallery of photos at under "Czech Republic," by clicking here.


Photo Gallery:
"English for Teens" Camping Trip in Quebec


Photos from Alexander Patocs, Calvin OPC, Phoenix, Arizona


Alexander Patocs was a member of a team that traveled to Quebec in July 2014 to help lead an "English for Teens" Camping Trip, an annual summer outreach program of �glise r�form�e St-Marc (St. Mark's Reformed Church) in Qu�bec City, of which OPC Missionary Rev. Ben Westerveld is the Pastor.  Alexander's photos give us a glimpse into this short-term missions experience!



See the full gallery of photos at under "Quebec," by clicking here.


Photo Gallery:
"The Best English Camp in Ukraine"


This summer, David Nakhla traveled to Ukraine with a team organized by Bethel OPC (Wheaton, Illinois) to participate in the popular "Leopolis Green English Camp" in the Carpathian Mountains outside L'viv, Ukraine.  OPC missionaries Heero and Anya Hacquebord are on the camp staff, and Heero served as the camp's first director back in 2008.


Described at the camp's website as "the BEST English Camp in Ukraine," the camp offers L'viv students 17 years and older the opportunity to practice speaking English with native English speakers.  In addition to English classes, camp activities include English Bible discussions, games, American sports and culture classes, hobby classes, and a whole lot more!


See the full gallery of photos at under "Ukraine," by clicking here.


STM Outreach on Indian Reservations
in Wisconsin

by Pastor Karl E. Thompson, Menominee OPC, Zoar, Wisconsin


"Venture Missions - Zoar" is a short-term summer ministry that takes place on the Menominee and Stockbridge Indian Reservations in Wisconsin.  It is sponsored by the two OP churches located on these reservations:  Menominee OPC (Zoar, WI) and Old Stockbridge OPC (Gresham, WI).  This year, we had 23 team members from every corner of the Presbytery of the Midwest and a few from the Presbytery of Michigan and Ontario.

We held a pair of two-day vacation Bible schools, one on each reservation.  We had nearly 40 children show up each day on the Stockbridge Reservation and twice that amount on the Menominee Reservation.  It was my great privilege to walk about and hear many conversations about the gospel as the team and the children played.

Read the full report at under "Past STM's," by clicking here.


Reflections on My Trip to Key West 


by Tom Sills, Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church, California, Maryland


Aaron Cathey, Samuel Shelton, Rev. Edd Cathey, Tom Sills, Rev. Bill Welzien, Joshua Gardner


"I am very glad that I was fortunate enough to visit Bill Welzien in Key West for a week with a group of men from my church. During this time I drew closer to God, deepened relationships with the other men, and challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone by sharing my faith with strangers. This trip was beneficial to my understanding of evangelism and has changed my approach towards it.

"Bill hosted daily sessions where he taught about evangelism using numerous scripture references and also taught a specific technique he developed. . . . Our job is to be faithful to proclaim the message, even though we are weak and still have struggles with sin in our lives. This encouraged me to continue to share God's Word, whereas before I felt discouraged when I didn't see many people come to Christ when I shared the gospel." 


Read Tom's full testimonial at under "Testimonials," by clicking here.


I Was There to Serve Him


by Kristina Mellon, Trinity OPC, Capistrano Beach, California

Team photo from the "Czech Republic English Camp 2014" Facebook Page, with Kristina holding the American flag sweater! 

Kristina Mellon was a member of the team organized by Bayview OPC (Chula Vista, California) that traveled to the Czech Republic in July to work with missionaries Jerry and Marilyn Farnik to present the gospel in the form of a summer family "English Camp."


"Being on this mission superseded all my previous experiences in traveling. When answering official questions for the hotel or customs about the purpose of my visit, the choices were either "business" or "tourist." My "mission" answer did not belong in either category. Every day leading up to and during the camp, my mind and heart were consumed with how to serve the Lord or I was reminded that I was there to serve Him.


"The Lord has given me an important experience through the mission trip that I hope will continually give me boldness to share His word and glorify Him."


Read Kristina's full testimonial at under "Testimonials," by clicking here.


Relationship Growth with God and Each Other


by Joshua Gardner, Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church, California, Maryland


John Gildersleeve (Keys Evangelistic Ministries intern) and Joshua Gardne



"This summer, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Keys Presbyterian Church in Key West with four other members from our own church, Grace and Peace OPC in Southern Maryland. The focus of our trip was evangelism and relationship growth with both God and each other. The experience I had there was incredible and I definitely grew closer to God over the week. I also grew much closer to the guys I went with and am very thankful for their friendship.

"As a high-school student, I know how difficult it can be to share Christ with people of the same age and I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to do so . . ." 

Read Josh's full testimonial at under "Testimonials," by clicking here.

I Learned A Lot About Evangelism


by Aaron Cathey, Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church, California, Maryland


Rev. Bill Welzien preparing his presentation at Mallory Square in Key West, Florida

"My experience at Key West was a different one. I had never been on a trip with a church group to learn specifically about evangelism. In addition, I wasn't aware that we would be out in public actually physically doing the evangelizing. When I learned this would be the case, I was a bit anxious at first. But once we got out there on the boardwalk and I observed Bill Welzien do his presentation, the nerves calmed for me. I gradually became more and more comfortable and it was easier to talk to strangers and tell them the good news of Jesus Christ. I learned a lot about evangelizing, and I also learned some things about myself; areas where I am lacking and areas where I have strengths I wasn't even aware of. It was a fantastic trip overall. I enjoyed spending a lot of time with and getting to know brothers better as well."


Skilled Workers Still Needed!



Skilled workers will be needed when construction work on the church/manse building of Neon Reformed Presbyterian Church (OPC) starts up again this winter in Neon, Kentucky.


If you can help, please contact:

Pastor M. Jay Bennett


Site Coordinator Charlie Farrell reports that Hurricane Sandy (October 2012) relief work continues in Brick, New Jersey, where reconstruction of just one more home of an OPC member needs to be completed.

Current needs and projects include:

  • Someone with carpentry skills to build an approximately 4 x 5 ft. landing with steps off the back door
  • Back door and screen/storm door installation
  • Interior painting (some sheetrock patch work and trim)
  • 2 bathroom sink installations (caulking around the sinks)
  • Sorting and organizing papers and files in the attic:
    • creation of a filing and storage system
    • accounting or paralegal skills would be helpful

If you can help please contact:

Mr. Charlie Farrell, Site Coordinator 


Year-Round Opportunities for Service 



The Orthodox Presbyterian Uganda Mission (OPUM) is the largest mission station in the OPC, and is ripe with opportunities for short-term mission work - year round!  With an operating medical clinic, a farm project, an education outreach project and village evangelism, not to mention continual construction projects including well-drilling, there are many ways for a short-term visitor to serve on this field.  Read more at under "Global STMs - Uganda" by clicking here.


Key West, Florida 

How would you like to spend a week in beautiful Key West, Florida, growing in your ability to speak with boldness about the eternal hope that is in you?  OPC pastor Bill Welzien presents the gospel three times a week in an engaging open-air style during the famous Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square, and he invites you to come, learn and practice hands-on evangelism with him, at any time during the year.  Read more at under "National STMs - Current Opportunities" by clicking here. 


Quebec City

Rev. Ben Westerveld, OP Missionary and Pastor of St. Marc's church in Quebec welcomes you to come join in a "Cafe anglais" (English Cafe) in the parks and malls of Quebec City.  Since, the mother tongue of most of the citizens of Quebec is French, they enjoy any opportunity to practice English with real Anglophones (those whose mother tongue is English). This type of outreach can lead to sharing of the gospel and the Reformed church.  Read more at under "Global STMs - Quebec" by clicking here.


Current Missionary Associate Openings


A missionary associate (MA) is an individual who is appointed by the Committee
on Foreign Missions to labor on an OP foreign mission field without cost to the committee.
There is an application process, and terms of service are generally 3 months to 2 years.



Individuals able to teach English at the university level (must have at least a Bachelor's degree).



An individual able to speak French (or interested in learning to speak French) to assist in the outreach and discipleship ministries of �glise r�form�e St-Marc's church.



Two individuals to assist our missionary families in Mbale with homeschooling and more.

Two individuals to participate in the Karamoja Education Outreach program.

Skilled individuals to assist our missionary deacons.


For more information and/or to apply for missionary associate service:

Contact Rev. Douglas Clawson, Associate General Secretary
Committee on Foreign Missions at

Printable  S.T.O.R.M.  Reports:  

 David P. Nakhla

  Administrator, OPC Committee on Diaconal Ministries

  Coordinator, Short-Term Missions & Disaster Response


  Phone 562-760-7606