Karnofsky/Lansky Performance Score vs. ECOG Performance Score
Revision four of the Pre-Infusion Lymphoma Disease form was released in January 2018. During the revision process of this form, it was decided to replace KPS score on the form with ECOG score, since ECOG is used in determining lymphoma prognosis scores. Although the ECOG and Karnofsky/Lansky performance score systems are based on similar principles, the scales are not the same. In cases where only a Karnofsky score is documented, data managers may use the CIBMTR conversion table in the forms instruction manual to determine what ECOG score should be reported (Appendix-L).  KPS Scores will continue to be reported on the Pre-TED (2400) and the post-transplant follow-up forms (2100).
Please contact your CIBMTR CRC if you have any questions.