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November 2, 2015  


November 2, 2015

Mr. "Fritz" Rohlfing
State Committee Chairperson
Republican Party of Hawaii
[e-mail:  fritz@gophawaii.com]

RE:   Republicans in Hawaii are NOT 
stupid, confused,
        and uninformed like you think they are

Dear "Fritz":

We received a 'demand letter' from a person claiming to be the lawyer for the Republican National Committee's subsidiary in the islands, the state party committee known as the Republican Party of Hawaii.  At first glance, this letter demanding that the Hawaii Republican Assembly shut our doors altogether appears to be a fake, since it came from a Democrat appointee who represents labor unions.  [A copy of this bizarre message is attached HERE for your reference.]

However, the strangest part of the letter is regarding some alleged "confusion" that is being caused by HIRA among the people in Hawaii.   This is highly ironic since you and your officers so frequently denigrate HIRA and distance yourselves from HIRA in pure desperation to appear alive and active as a state party committee that there could be no confusion in the marketplace about our two organizations' lack of a relationship.  

If this complaint is real and in case the Republican Party of Hawaii has actually retained a Democrat union lawyer to 'go after HIRA' , please be advised that you and your Democrat lawyer are obviously barking up the wrong tree by contacting HIRA instead of our parent organization about our long-established logo, name and slogans.  Indeed, your trumped-up matter needs to be addressed to Ms. Sharron Angle, the president of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), of which the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) is a subsidiary -- just as your state party committee is a subsidiary of the Republican National Committee (RNC).   We both get our names and logos and slogans from the same place you get yours -- on the mainland .  With respect to all allegations set forth in your union Democrat lawyer's letter, these are denied.  Have your lawyer send your threats to our national president:

Ms. Sharron Angle, President
National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA)
9600 Freeport Drive, Denton, TX  76207-6707

You might also want to involve the RNC's general counsel John Ryder, since RPH like HIRA is also a subsidiary of a larger nationwide operation.  Mr. Ryder should be able to set you ( and the Democrat union lawyer you may have retained ) quite straight about the extremely limited rights that the Republican Party exercises over its extremely specific elephant design, over the use of the word "Republican", about the history of the Republican Assembly organization since 1934 , about the endorsement of the Republican Assembly by Ronald Reagan, and all about other ill-informed claims you and your inner circle believe you hold the rights to in the Hawaii market.  Let me be clear:   The Hawaii Republican Assembly and our official SuperPAC are NOT going away.

Mr. Ryder's predecessor, RNC chief counsel Sean Cairncross, has opined clearly on this precise subject in recent years:  "If you want to say 'GOP' and design an elephant that's similar, want to design an elephant that's not precisely the same as ours, that's fine.  Our elephant is specific."  It is unlikely that you and your Democrat lawyer will find that the RNC wants to pick a fight with the Republican Assembly organization after 81 years of not doing so by claiming use of all possible elephant designs and every usage of the word "Republican."  I must say, this move reeks of something you and Miriam and Pat and Terry Thomason are doing without consulting RNC about their brand , their logo , etc.

Hopefully this clears up any faux confusion at your end; especially since there is no confusion at all in the Hawaii marketplace except among those pretending not to know that HIRA and HRP are separate entities.   Although you would like to pretend otherwise , HIRA is the conservative Republican organization which actually takes Republican positions on issues and fights with Democrats every single day, while your declining state party committee is the one which breaks with the national Republican Party by taking no stands on any issues at all , while being extremely accommodating to the Democrat political and policy agenda and insisting on being utterly useless 24/7/365 .

I realize that you and Pat Saiki and Miriam Hellreich are committed liberals who are only pretending to be Republicans .  But seriously, your reliance on a Democrat lawyer working with a Democrat judge to try and shut down HIRA is pretty pathetic .  Your abject lack of faith in Republicans in Hawaii to know the difference between your dying state party committee ( which heaps dishonor daily on the RNC and Republicans across the nation ) and our chapter of the Republican Assembly is plainly evident in this sad legal strategy; one which was hatched as a distraction by Thomason, whose wife is the party's paid bookkeeper, and who probably doesn't want the party's books to be audited any time soon in the midst of your major financial scandals at party headquarters .

Lastly, we are informing you that we have retained local legal counsel with lots of experience and knowledge of the Republican Party of Hawaii.  He will be in contact with your Democrat lawyer.



cc:     John Ryder, RNC General Counsel
  Sharron Angle, NFRA president
  Tom Hudson, NFRA Counsel
  The Democrat union lawyer apparently hired by the Hawaii GOP
  Republicans across Hawaii
  Republican Assembly chapters nationwide

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