Request for 2024 Tax-Exempt Bond Information

The Illinois Housing Development Authority ("Authority") would like to thank you for your commitment to creating and preserving affordable housing in Illinois. The success of our mission would not be possible without your help. 

The Authority is in the process of reviewing its pipeline of projects seeking tax-exempt bonds and preparing to manage the demand for bond volume cap for next year.

If you have a tax-exempt housing bond deal that you plan to submit to the Authority in 2024, please provide the information below to the Authority by 5:00 p.m. (CST) on Friday, January 12, 2024, by clicking on the button below and completing the online form.

2024 Tax-Exempt Bond Information Form

Information Requested:

  • Project Identification (PID) Number (if applicable)
  • Anticipated PPA Submission Date to IHDA
  • Anticipated Full Application Submission Date
  • Sponsor Name
  • Sponsor Contact Email
  • Property Name
  • Property Address
  • Number of Units
  • HAP Contract (Yes/No)
  • Name of Current Owner
  • Status of Site Control
  • Construction Type (New/Rehab)
  • Anticipated Bond Volume Cap Required
  • Bond Structure/Proposed Financing Structure
  • Anticipated Financing Gap Request

The Authority will continue accepting tax-exempt bond applications on a rolling basis in 2024, subject to change in the Authority’s sole discretion. Please note, the submission of the above information does not guarantee any type of financing and does not replace the submittal of a complete application. As a reminder, please see the link below for the Authority's current Deal Submission Deadlines Board Dates: Multifamily Transactions Timeframes.

For more information or any additional questions, please contact Multifamily Lending at [email protected]. Thank you in advance for your assistance with identifying potential tax-exempt housing bond financed projects.

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