Request from Fr. Derek for Support
of The Catholic Appeal
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

While many aspects of life have come to a standstill in these days of pandemic, the work of our diocesan ministries continues as we strive to bring Christ’s love and compassion to those who rely on our guidance and assistance: 

  • The sick and homebound continue to receive spiritual support and information over the phone from the Archdiocese’s Faith Community Nurses and Chaplains. 
  • Our Pregnancy Help centers continue to provide resources and assistance for women facing crisis pregnancies. 
  • Those suffering from addiction still need support and guidance, and many have greater need for counseling and spiritual support during this time of heightened anxiety. 
  • And, now more than ever, our parishes and schools have come to rely on the expertise and support from Central Ministries. These ministries and offices have worked tirelessly with parishes to secure government funding. They have provided us with guidance, resources and supplies to safely restart Mass, and have offered webinars and tools to maintain our virtual connections so that we can continue our efforts at evangelization.

The Annual Catholic Appeal funds the ministries that provide these resources as well as many others that enable us to continue tending to the spiritual needs of our parishioners and serving our brothers and sisters most in need during this pandemic. Just as our parish has continued its work during these challenging times, adapting and adjusting to the crisis, so, too, have the ministries funded through your support of the Catholic Appeal.

Our participation as a parish is so important to the success of our parish campaign and the Catholic Appeal overall. If you have already donated to The Catholic Appeal, thank you. If you have not, and you are able, I ask that you show your support by making a gift today by clicking the button below. Every gift makes a meaningful difference, and your participation is very much appreciated.

Our parish is blessed to have such wonderful and supportive parishioners like yourselves. May God continue to bless you and all whom you hold dear.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Fr. Derek
To learn more about The Catholic Appeal,visit
St. Bartholomew Parish
1180 Greendale Avenue