Good Morning EID Board - As requested, Shane has provided an update of TalentLynk's pipeline progress, presented below. Please review at your leisure and let me know if you have any questions or thoughts for next steps. Additionally, I have met with 3 of the Pilot companies(Adelta Logis, Aux-Ops & Siemens) for an EID Check-In. Another 3 are scheduled for next week and I continue to pursue the others. A full report of findings will be presented by EOM.

Have a great weekend! ~ Jaime

TalentLynk Pipeline Update :

Dear EID Board 

I wanted to provide you a quick overview of the progress that we have made since we last met.  

  • Secured Bridging America's Gap and Tangram as pipeline partners.
  • Through pipeline partners we have added 600+ new members to TalentLynk in the past 6 weeks
  • Tangram is looking to make 100 + placements within EID partner companies between now and June 2019 (see estimated cost savings below).   
  • In addition Tangram will be working to help on-board and develop action plans to support companies by providing prescreened, prevetted employees.  
  • Since the EID newsletter, we have heard from 3 companies wanting to explore the pilot program. Adelta Logis, Aux Ops and Siemens Healthineers.  
  • We are moving forward and setting up onsite visits with those 3 companies and start working on placements of vetted pipeline. The first meeting is scheduled with Adelta Logis next week.  
  • Here are recent training and/or update videos that we have shared with EID partner companies
  • Executive Update
  • Guide for organizations
  • Here are the current and estimated savings calculations for EID partner companies. 

Shane Powell | CEO & Co-Founder
Crawfordsville, IN