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Our Neighborhood
Requiem for a Jefferson Park Home
This old-timer on the 1500 block of Waverly has an extensive history.  It is one of Jefferson Park's contributing properties - now gone forever.  A nearby neighbor reports that the former owner, Anthony "Tony" Kreps was born 1940 in Prescott, Arizona and passed away June 27, 2016. Tony was a very fine artist who studied at the University of Arizona.  His partner was Jack Albert Wolfe (1936-2005) who was a University of Arizona professor and a United States Geological Survey paleobotanist and paleoclimatologist, best known for his studies of Tertiary climate in western North America through analysis of fossil angiosperm leaves.  They had owned the home at least 29 years or more.  This home and its western neighbor was demolished for a mini-subdivision of four homes. 
(thank you Gloria Alvillar for the information)
Jan 25, 2019...Going...going
Jan 25, 2019...Gone

What else is new for Jefferson Park?
The Grant Road Linear Park
AKA "Grant Road Health and Heritage Corridor", "Tucson Heritage Landscape Park and Health Trail". Its name  has yet to be decided, but the design, and soon, the construction will begin.  The long fought for and much anticipated linear park is beginning to see the light of day! Jefferson Park Assn. has signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" with Tucson Clean and Beautiful for maintenance of the park.  A steering committee has formed to work with the designer to begin the plans.  The plans, at 50%, will be presented at the Jeff Park meeting February 27.  Meanwhile you can read about, and view photos of our proposals and progress at

New Officers of the Jefferson Park Association
Officers were elected at the January annual meeting.  Upper Crust Pizza supplied the sustenance.  CLICK HERE to see the new officers.  Have a look..they are your neighbors and we thank them for taking on the job.

Banner Community Park at Lester
It is coming along, and our Lester neighbors will be happy to bid the heavy equipment adieu.  The projected finish date is April 2019. The JPNA and Friends of Jefferson Park, Inc. voted to fund a paver in honor of Minnette Burges, our former neighbor and long time advocate of the neighborhood.  Minnette was also our attorney who spearheaded the change in R-1 zoning that stopped the proliferation of mini-dorms in R-1 neighborhoods. She championed and protected Jefferson Park.  She was the first to envision a Linear Park for the orphan parcels along Grant Road, for which she wrote a "white paper."  Her quiet persistence and steadfast commitment to what she believed made her a role model for all.  She is sorely missed.  The funds from pavers support the historic Polo Pony statue proposed for the Banner Community Park.  She would have liked that.

Garbage Pick-up returns to Edison alley by Grant Road Basin
Jefferson Park is an historic district and as part of the plan all garbage is picked up in the alleys.  When Grant Road construction began, the residents along the north side of Edison were required to move their garbage to the street every Monday.  Pick-up was promised to be returned to the alley after the construction was completed.  However, due to an OOPS in the design of the Basin, the alley became too narrow in spots for the large trash trucks.  TDOT is working on resolving the issue by purchasing property, but it is promised to happen. CLICK HERE to see the letter from the Tucson Dept. of Transportation Director.

Beeper noise at our intersections are mitigated
The manufacturers of the Pedestrian "beepers",TDOT, COT,and neighbors met at at Park and Grant.  The beeper box was opened and the software was able adjust the noise level to a much lower decibel.  This change has set a precedent for future beepers going forward at intersections in Tucson residential areas. CLICK HERE to see the letter from the Tucson Dept. of Transportation Director.

Lighting in our residential areas to be mitigated
A simple "residential shield" will be installed retroactively on 38 lights that border Grant along the residential areas. These shields will be used going forward on any Tucson residential areas. CLICK HERE to see the city commitment. 

Traffic Circle at Cherry and Linden
This long troublesome intersection prone to flooding will finally get some help.  Jefferson Park Assn, Friends of Jefferson Park and private donors have made it possible to build a traffic circle with bollards.  After the circle comes stop signs which will slow the traffic and prevent the damage to residences from the wave of water caused by fast moving cars during heavy rains.  Things will be changing there in the very near future.
New "SAFETY" meetings being scheduled
SAVE THE DATE - Every first Tuesdays of the month
First Meeting:  March 5th, 5:30 pm
Ward III *  1510 E Grant Road
Guests:  Both Westside (west of Campbell)  and Midtown (east of Campbell) officers will be attending the meetings. The "Central Segments" neighborhoods - Jeff Park, SAMOS, Mtn/First, Catalina Vista, and Campbell/Grant are participating.

Officers will share trends, and neighbors will share current issues they are facing.  It is modeled after the Alvernon/Grant Initiative which has had encouraging results.  To see the information gathered from Tucson Police Department  CLICK HERE .  Be sure to read all the tabs under "Neighborhood Safety". We will continue to post information on our website. Mark your calendars and bring your questions/concerns. 
February Meetings
Let's talk about the Grant Road Health and Heritage Trail
for JEFFERSON PARK! Attend the Feb 27 neighborhood meeting.
Neighborhood Meeting 
Wednesday, February 27, 6:00 pm
Ward III meeting room,   1510 E Grant Road
Special Topic - The Linear Park Design  
Brent Dennis,  Tucson Parks and Recreation Director,  Chelsea Marshal, WHEAT Designs

Tuesday, February 26, 6:00 pm
Ward III meeting room, 1510 E Grant Road
Agenda:  Linear Park Plans with Tucson Clean and Beautiful
Did you get your door hanger?
Please do not forget your neighborhood.  The area representative walked door to door in mid-January to get door hangers to all neighbors.

They want you to know what is going on and give you the opportunity to become a supporting member of neighborhood association.  Your dues support this e-news, the website and other projects in the neighborhood.

At $15 we hope all can afford to be a member.  If you lost the envelope, check with your area rep (listed below) or mail to JPNA,  P.O. Box 41243, Tucson AZ  85717
Little Free Library gets a face lift...
Little free library
Vine and Lester
The Little Free Library has enjoyed many visitors. Located on Lester and Vine, it often serves as a lunch spot for the UA workers.  Neighbors have been leaving and taking books, and we truly enjoyed the many children's books that were donated and taken very quickly.  Thanks Mary for updating.

However, the windows leaked and the weeds moved in.  NO more!  Thank you to Ken and Jeanne who weeded, and Marsha and Bob who purchased plexiglas and fixed the leaky window.  It still wears its "grill cover " hat until we are sure it is fixed.  We wouldn't want any wet books.  If you have not visited the Little Free Library, it's a nice stroll, and there are some good reads.
Are You protected if the grid goes down?
resiliency workshop
Resiliency Workshop at Ward III
The resiliency workshop (Jan 27) discussed what individuals and neighbors could do in the event the grid goes down.  The possibility of a city-wide heat-related grid failure was discussed.  The entire information booklet  CLICK HERE.  Pay particular attention to p 17 and 24 for a list of the things each home should store in case of such an emergency.
(Thanks for link, Marsha Thanks for photo, Dorothy)

Our International School 
Seeking volunteers for International Day
The International Day is a celebration at the International School with dancing, music and a variety of international food booths -  open to everyone!    The event is from  10-2  on Saturday March 9th.  They need people to help with two hour shifts.  Contact Amy Hartmann-Gordon at  if you would be able to help take tickets.
Work with Banner Employees,UA Students
Mortar Board seeking volunteers for February 23
Coming Soon (Feb 23) to our neighborhood!
Pitch-in for a morning of meeting new people, smiles, exercise & good feelings.  We need JP neighbors to work with MB/UA/Banner volunteers.  The idea isn't just for MB/UA/Banner volunteers to come & do things for us, but for all of us to work together to make, not only our own neighborhood better, but to improve our UA/Banner/neighborhood relationships as well.  And that's a worthy goal!  
To offer to help or for more info, call Lisa: 622-1682.
BRUSH AND BULKY - End of February!!!
You will NOT receive a door hanger notifying you of Brush and Bulky as you have in the past.    Brush and Bulky will NOT enter your property to pick up piles.  Please put piles IN THE ALLEY.  BOX YOUR CACTUS!!!
BRUSH AND BULKY - FEBRUARY 25   Brush & Bulky will collect:
  • Brush, tree trunks, branches and other green waste (up to 5 feet long and 24 inches in diameter)
  • Lumber (up to 5 feet long and stacked in a separate pile)
  • PVC and metal pipes (up to 5 feet long)
  • Railroad ties (limit 5)
  • Furniture, carpet, and doors
  • Lawn mowers with fuel tank and crank case removed
  • Scrap metal (bicycles, swing sets, etc., broken into 5 foot lengths)
  • Cacti (must be contained - up to 25 lbs.)
  • Appliances (remove freezer/refrigerator doors)
  • Car tires (limit of five automobile tires)
  • Metal drums (empty and cut in half)
Brush and Bulky will NOT collect:
  • Any excess over the 10 cubic-yard limit
  • Any items other than those listed above, such as
  • Stone/bricks/concrete/aggregates
  • Construction debris
  • Hazardous waste like paint/oil/pesticides/solvents/liquids
  • Glass/mirrors
  • Television and computer monitors
  • Compressed gas/air cylinder(s)
  • Vehicle parts
  • Commercially generated material
Could you get a break on your property taxes?
Do you live in a contributing property?
Does your home qualify for the property tax break??  Jefferson Park web-site gives links and explanations.  If you wonder about your property  CLICK HERE for links to important information.
Red Tag Reports
Tucson Police Department supplies monthly data on nuisance party and loud music calls made to 911 for our neighborhood.  
December Report for Jefferson Park
Loud music calls - 0   Loud party calls - 1
Red Tags issued - 1
Jefferson Park mails letters to any resident who was the subject of calls or red tags. Additionally, owners are notified if the house is a rental.   
How do you report an unruly gathering? 
Greening and Cleaning - January 19
We need your help, every 3rd Saturday of the month
No RSVP needed, just show up about 8am.   BYOB-bring your own bag...or we supply. 

If you do pick-up during the week, contact Joanne Osuna at  and your time will count.  We report our hours to Tucson Clean and Beautiful as part of the Adopt-a-Park program ...and our little parklet at Edison and Campbell is quite lovely.
Help with the exterior of your home.
An Opportunity for Assistance to Improve the Appearance of Your Neighborhood -  "A Brush with Kindness,"  a program of Habitat for Humanity Tucson,  partners with residents to improve the appearance of their neighborhoods, strengthen connections within the community, and help preserve affordable housing. The program also helps low-income homeowners, who struggle to maintain the exterior of their homes, to reclaim their homes with pride and dignity. Partners repay a portion of cost of materials based on a sliding scale and ability.
Need some minor home repair? "A Brush with Kindness" can help!
Types of Services Provided:  painting →landscaping →fence repairs →yard cleanup →and other minor repairs.   To Learn More About Program:
   Call:  520-326-1217 ext. 209  
   Habitat Tucson is an Equal Housing Opportunity Provider
(Thank you Feldman Neighborhood)
Area Reps need help.  Check out your area and offer to help once every 3 months!

Area #1 - Mary Worthen 
Area #2 - Jon Heine
Area #3 - Laurel-Heather Milden
Area #5 - Joanne Osuna
Area #6 -  Lisa Jones
Important Contact Info
Ward III - Councilperson Paul Durham 
Paul Durham
1510 E Grant
and aide Nick Mahon

Ward III, See Paul's e-news at:
Ward VI, Steve Kozachik newsletter: 

Report Transportation Concerns
Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk?
You can report these issues to the  Tucson Department of Transportation  (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to

What is a code violation?
And whom do I call?
Download  an information sheet approved by the City Code Enforcement Division

Banner Construction 
and Info Line
Construction Updates on the University Campus  Banner University Medical Center Tucson Campus  website  for the hospital expansion project. 

Emergency 24/7 phone number for the Banner project construction team: (520) 268-9575
UA Neighborhood Hotline 
Student Related issues can be reported to this number. 
Should not be used for 911 calls which should be directed to the TPD
24/7 available

Report a  non-emergency crime:
Report an  emergency crime:     911
See the  latest crimes  in Jefferson Park:
See  code violations  in Jefferson Park:
Report an  issue with Banner:  Emergency 24/7 (520) 268-9575
Report an  issue with the U of A:  24/7 available ( 520) 282-3649
Report an  unruly gathering:  Call 911  CLICK HERE to see Flow Chart 
See historic photos of Jefferson Park:
Helicopter Noise/ Banner Hospital contact Mark Ostrand through BUMC Security at 694-6533. 
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Signing up for the E-News
Go to and click on the e-news sign-up form. Or send them this form!

Get on the List Serve!
To sign up for the neighborhood list serve,  send a blank email to  
or send a request for an invitation to 
Come to the JPNA Monthly Meeting
Fourth Wednesday of the Month, 6pm Ward III Office, 1510 E Grant Rd. 
Renew your $15 voluntary JPNA membership dues
Renew by mail (print and mail membership form) OR 

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